Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tea For Two..or Six

Today Sammi went to a Princess Tea Party for her friend Cici. She started out by picking out a princess dress and any and all accessories that go with it. They were told they would get make-up put on them and they all shrieked. Here is Sammi showing off her make-up.

They then started out with strawberry-vanilla tea. They were even taught the proper way to hold the cup and saucer and to stir the tea without making a sound. They proceeded to add milk and sugar to it....I am sure it tasted horrible after watching how much they added. The girls just loved asking each other to "please pass the sugar". The moms and dads enjoyed listening to the 6 girls talk as if we were not there. They were hilarious! For their lunch, they had chocolate soup, tea sandwiches (pb&j), fruit, and petit fours.

Here Sammi is with the birthday girl, Cici.

She had so much fun dressing up, putting on make-up, and acting like a princess. I had fun just watching her act grown up and saying "mom, aren't I pretty in my dress and make-up?" I have a feeling she will be having her birthday party there in October!

Daddy's Sweetheart

Happy Valentine's day! Well, how about 2 days late? Since we have had kids, we don't go out to dinner on this day. The crowds are crazy! Or am I just getting old and impatient? Instead, Jason cooked outside (my favorite!) and we just hung out together. He came home with roses for me and potted tulips for Sammi. She said "oh wow Dad, I love these!" She is by far her daddy's sweetheart! And I'm ok with that. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and had special time with your sweetheart!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So, this is my first blog. Yep, me who can talk, email, IM, and text like a mad woman is now blogging. I have wanted to do it for a long time, but never thought I had much to say since I think I'm pretty good at sending out pictures of my kids and keeping friends and family in the loop on our lives. But this past weekend is what gave me the boost to sit down and actually put my thoughts down.

My son Joshua turned 2, two weeks ago. Then on Saturday, we had his birthday party. All I have heard this past week is "I can't believe he is two! Time flies!" Yea, tell me about it. The thought of my baby boy being two just brought me to tears! Since Christmas I have been cleaning out his closet and toys to make room for the MANY new toys he received. I was finding more and more "baby" things that he no longer wanted or needed. Ugh, knife to my heart! Gone are the many different baby stackers. Gone is the Baby Bjorn (gosh, that's the best invention! and no, he wasn't in that after he was one). Gone are the walker/pusher things. The list goes on and on, so now I'm busy listing them on Craig's List. Anyways, my point is that I am sad that I no longer have a baby. But I feel so wonderfully blessed with the two that I have. So I am sad that all of the cutesy baby things won't be in my possession anymore. I see the new things at Babies R Us and get sad.

Ok, enough of the sadness of no baby stuff. Instead, I'll show pictures of Joshua through the "years"....I had a hard time picking, so there are a lot!

Joshua, on his birthday!

Just laying down, 1 month old

2 months those chubby cheeks!

I love this picture! So bright-eyed

Learning to crawl

Such a happy baby boy

Ah, the joys of learning to eat

Starting to walk

Aarrrrgh!! (that is me trying a pirate voice) This is what happens when you have an older sister :)

First birthday! He did NOT like that hat! Or the cake.

He loves pushing any type of ball around

First time on the beach in VA. The waves freaked him out!

After the far the worst 6 hours of my life!

He loves his "blankie" my mom made him

Fire Marshal Joshua. He wore that hat until it tore in half!

Fun time in the leaves