Thursday, August 13, 2009

For Those That Find Dora Annoying

Don't get me wrong, Dora has been a favorite of both of my kid's cartoon-watching lives. We have had umpteen (yes, I insist that is a word) Dora toys, Dora movies that were on repeat at times, Dora bath toys, Dora games, you get the idea.

But as a parent, is it just me that finds Dora to be a tad bit annoying? Her whiny voice certainly doesn't help. I'd like to blame her for Joshua's constant whining. I mean, he watches her more than any other show so it's a learned behavior, right? Her haircut is ugly, her shirt doesn't fit, and her only friends seem to be animals that can be equally annoying.

I LOVE Dora when I am cooking dinner because she keeps Joshua occupied, happy, and out of the kitchen. Oh that makes me think of another thing I don't like about that show: where are her parents? She is just left alone all day to roam the world (planet, sometimes) with talking animals and going into scary forests. What's up with that? Don't her parents know what kind of scary world we live in with evil predators lurking? Sheesh, someone needs to call the CPA and report them. I have gotten evil glares if I have snuck out of the INDOOR playground at McDonald's get myself another refill of my drug of choice: coca cola. And Dora's parents have no clue where she is. Ever. Maybe it's her annoying voice that is making her poor mom want her out of the house and out of her hair all day. Just a hunch.

This ranting of our bilingual friend, Dora the Explorer, brings me to why I started this post. Check out Wendy Aaron's blog. She has a guest poster, Lulu & Moxley, and it is freaking hilarious. I found myself nodding from agreeing to so many other things about Dora that are annoying and odd.

Even if you have not watched an entire show of Dora, please read. You will laugh out loud. I know, I could have just shortened those last 3 words with LOL, but that really annoys me too.


Cindy said...

I have thought about the missing parents also. There are a lot of shows that rarely show the parents. We watch more Max and Ruby than Dora in our house but I have never ever seen their parents only the Grandma. No wonder why kids are trying the independance thing earlier and earlier.

Caillou voice is worse than Dora's though. And of course my son loves him too.

Angie S said...

You are cracking me up! Really? Tiko the squirrel. Layla wanted to befriend a squirrel when she was 2..because Dora did it. HA! Kid shows can't live with them, can't live without them.

Amy B said...

That is hilarious Alli - that you were so propelled by your annoyance of Dora you had to blog about it. I too am a Dora hater...I refuse to watch that show anymore and luckily for me, Ella is beginning to broaden her cartoon horizons a bit. Too funny!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...



Doesnt that annoy you as much as Dora's squeaky voice???????

I was thankful that Dora never stuck with this family!!!


Jennifer said...

sounds like you feel about Dora the way I feel about the Bernstein Bears. Why is their names Sister, Brother, Papa and Mama but everyone else has real names... HMMMM

Monkey said...

I don't think a CPA could help, but I know CPS could!

Oh, I don't miss the Dora days at all! I hated her voice, yelling, etc. I got a headache the minute it came on. I hope Joshua gets tired of it soon for you!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Back-pack, Back-pack... I'm the MAP!
Uggh, so glad those days are over!!

Anonymous said...

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