Sunday, July 20, 2008

Goodbye Pfizer!

Friday was my last day at Pfizer. What a strange day that was. I got hardly any sleep the night before and my stomach was doing gymnastics. Not fun.

Most of the day had people coming by to see me or answering calls from people calling me to say goodbye. Near the end of the day, I went around the office to give hugs and say "see ya later" because I just did not want to say goodbye. I was fine at first, but the more people I talked to, the harder it got. Near the end I was biting my lower lip to keep it from quivering. When it was time to say goodbye to my coworkers and boss, I started to break down. I did NOT want to cry in front of anyone!

I said goodbye to my boss and as the elevator doors closed, I finally let it all go. Then here I was, walking out of the building carrying my last box of things and crying. How cliche was that? I was just hoping that no one saw me like that. Silly, isn't it? Then I called Jason and just boo-hooed. He handled me well, just letting me cry and talk. I got home and found a bouquet of flowers that one of my favorite Regional Managers sent me.

It still feels weird, after almost 11 years knowing that I won't be going back to work there. I truly loved it there, loved my job, loved my company, loved my coworkers and boss. So now I will experiencing my next phase in life: being a stay at home mom for a few months and then working some place new. Jason keeps reminding me that I will make new friends wherever I go, which I know. But it's one thing to choose to leave a company and it's another to be told you are leaving. Not a fun place to be, even when you know the decision to have me go makes sense.

Thank you to all of my incredible friends for being there for me to listen to be cry, yell, and just talk. I am lucky to have you!

Below are some pictures from a going away party my team threw for Danny and I. It was so fun! The first one is of me and Danny. I am going to miss him being my boss!


Marcia78 said...

I so know what you mean! It gave me chills reading that! I love ya girl! You look great in the pics...super cute shirt! C u Friday!

Meredith said...

Alli, you'll have to point out some of these people to me. Would be nice to put a face with a name! I'm sorry you had to leave your second family. Enjoy the time with the kiddos, especially Sammi. I love you!!