Wednesday, July 9, 2008

June Pics

I know I have been behind on posting pics, so here are some of my favorite from June. My camera isn't acting right, so some are foggy looking. I am still searching for the right camera, and YES, I am being picky!
Two kids in a laundry basket....if Joshua sees a laundry basket, you can bet that he will dump whatever is in it so that he can play with it.

Sammi and her cousin Kate playing with her fairytale playset...don't you just love the attire they are in while they play?

Sammi's school had professional face-painters come to, you guessed it, paint their face! :) You can't tell by this picture, but her face is painted like a horse. She insisted on leaving it on when she went to gymnastics that night. You can imagine the comments she got!
This picture was taken on Mother's Day after Joshua fell and just about bled to death...ok, that is being dramatic, but he bled a lot and scared me! His bandaid is at the top of his forehead, right in the middle.


Dr. Joshua B. Cantrell He loves his doctor kit, especially the glasses. If he has on the stethescope, he will go up to everyone and put it to their chest then his and says "my heart"

Sammi was not thrilled to see Joshua wearing HER sunglasses. As she said, "he is going to break them!" Ah, she knows him well.

Don't you just love his blue mustache?
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!


Marcia78 said...
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Marcia78 said...

That would be so fitting for Joshua to be a cardiologist! RIGHT?? LOVE'N the longer hair do! He is working it!! Sami is so sweet, Colby had a blast with her Sat. Have a great weekend

Jodi said...

So cute! LOVE Josh's curls! Oh my goodness!!!!!