Monday, November 10, 2008

Sammi & Mommy's Day Of Fun

While Sammi was home all day on her birthday this year, I was at the hospital while my dad underwent 11 hour back & spine surgery. Jason stayed home with the kids and Sammi's birthday fell on a day off from school. My plan was to get home by dinner so that we could at least have a birthday dinner and cake. Didn't happen. My dad didn't get out until after 10 pm from surgery and Jason eased my mind by telling me to stay at the hospital until he was out. My brother in law came up that night from Austin with Sammi's cousins Nic, Will, and Kate. At least she would have fun playing with them that night. I just felt so bad not being home with her on her actual birthday. It must be a woman/mommy thing to wreck ourselves with guilt. But I knew I would feel bad not being at the hospital with my sister and two aunts while my dad underwent the long surgery.
My sister Meredith had a great idea for me to have a day where it was just Sammi and I and do fun things together to make up for not being with her on her birthday. Loved the idea!
So off we went the following Monday for Sammi & Mommy's Day of Fun! I kept calling it that the day before and day of. Sammi loved it. I picked her up from school and we went to Chili's for lunch. One of her favorite places to eat. As you can see, she is drinking some blue slushy drink and giving blue smile. As we were eating she said "I like it just being the two of us" and said that several times throughout the day. It brought tears to my eyes! I realized that we do not do enough alone things with her like she needs.

After lunch we went to Wal Mart to return a duplicate birthday gift as well as cash in a couple of gift cards she got. Those are the best gifts! Letting her pick out her own toys was so much fun to watch. Below she is showing off her new toys....Baby Dr. Barbie, some little poodle in a carrier, and a new dog for her Lil' Luvables. She is really into dogs and their own little carriers. This makes 5 of all different sizes she has.
After shopping we headed to Sweet n' Sassy in Southlake for a manicure. She is a tom boy like I was, but she still loves her girly things. This was her first professional manicure and was hooked! They were so nice to her and treated her like a queen. I really had to help guide her on the nail polish color. She wanted everything from neon green to Big Bird yellow. She settled on a coral color with a flower on her middle finger nail. Not the best finger to put that on. The rest of the day and week when she showed others the flower, she was flipping them off to show it. Yikes!

They gave her glittery purple stars on her cheek... to pick out a lollipop and then let her walk down the runway. That is usually used for birthday parties but we were the only ones in there and let her strut her stuff.

It was as much of a fun day for Mommy as it was for Sammi! I need to do this more often!


Darling729 said...

So much fun!! I LOVE Mommy/Daughter Days!


Allison said...

So sweet! They really do enjoy it when it's all about just "mom and me."

BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog. Your compliments really do encourage me!

Jodi said...

Oh how FUN! I am kinda jealous! I'm storing that away in my brain for future outings with my girls... great job, Mommy! :)