Sunday, March 1, 2009

Night With Old Friends

Ok so "old" wasn't a great word to describe my friends I saw last night, but I have been friends with them since elementary school and high school. But we did have lots of jokes about how we know we are getting is you know you are getting old when you offer your glasses to someone to help them read the menu. We are only 33/34, but hey, we feel it when it is 10:00 at night and we are tired and ready to go home. But we made it to after midnight!

My great, wonderful friend Amy's birthday was what got us to get out Saturday night. Her amazing husband Stan (I went to HS with him) planned a night out for her birthday and I am so glad he did! We started out the night at a great authentic Mexican restaurant in Deep Ellum called Monica's. I highly recommend it! Several other friends I went to high school with were there, which I loved seeing and catching up with. After that, we went to a bar to see a band, which Stan's cousin plays in. They were great! It was soooooo very cold that night, but absolutely worth getting out in to see my dear friend Amy.

Me and Amy. I think this picture was take 6. Seriously, we were so picky because either I didn't like how I looked (still don't like me here) or Amy didn't like it. Jason was so patient trying and trying for the right one for us. Thanks babe! Amy and I went to HS together, but we didn't hang out in the same groups, but a whole other long story later, we became friends the summer after we graduated. Have been best friends ever since, roommates in college for a year, and she was in my wedding. Love her dearly!

Amy and her man, Stan. Ok I will admit here, I had a crush on Stan my freshman year in HS. He knows this, but I think it's funny years later that my friend married him. And what is even more neat is Amy and Stan NEVER talked or hung out in HS. He was the jock, she was in a completely different crowd than him. Several years after HS, she met him and the rest is marital bliss history.

This picture cracks me up. There was a Latin band that played and the lead guitarist walked the restaurant and played to people, like a mariachi band does. I made sure not to make eye contact so he didn't sing to me or shake his hips at me. But poor Christopher wasn't so lucky. This guy stood there for what felt like forever just playing to him. Christopher was a good sport and just smiled at him. We could read it on his face that he was saying "dude, go away!" I couldn't resist getting a picture of it.

The Forney HS gang at the bar. L to R: (can't remember the first girl's name), Christopher, me, Amy, Jeremy, Stan, and Jay. All of us graduated together, Jeremy was a year behind us and grew up down the street from me. His family and mine did a ton together.

We had so much fun and I'm glad Stan arranged for all of us to get out together for Amy's birthday! Amy, I hope you had a fun night! You are an amazing friend to me and I love you!

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Marcia said...

AWE looks like yall had a great time!!