Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Annual River Trip

Every Memorial Weekend, since 2005, Jason and I go down to Gruene, TX with other friends. Our goal for the weekend: relax, have fun, and put on our bartender hat to try new drinks.

This year we had 19 people in one house. Yep, 19 people. I knew all of them minus 6 newbies. My amazing friend Jennifer found a great house that comfortably slept all of us. Seriously, we all had our own bed and room! All were couples and 3 singletons. The backyard was amazing and it was right on the Guadalupe River. For those that have floated the river, our dock was about a mile from the end where you get off at the bridge.

Here is Jason and Todd fishing off the dock. They caught some fish, but nothing to keep.
Most of us got there Thursday, but all of us were there by Friday. That night we played a lot of drinking games. Yes, most of us are in our 30's and still enjoy playing drinking games. Come on, you know you want to if you are child-less for the weekend!

Here are most of the ladies floating. The water level was super low, so we did not float the majority of the river. We conned the guys to drag us upstream in canoes to a rapid (that we would have had to walk down due to the low water level) where we let go and floated down to our dock. It was so relaxing!

A view of the river from our backyard.

Superman Tim swinging into the river. We built a swing from a tree in the backyard. It attracted a lot of people floating by to use it.

Several of our group just chilling by our dock.

Sadly, I didn't get a good picture of Jason and I.

Awe, there is my sexy man. Isn't he so cute?

Jared in Jason's raft and Rayna. Isn't that a cool float? It was comfy just to sit in.

There is Jason, aka Tarzan. I lost count how many times he swung into the river.

I like this one the most. I myself, did not partake. One, I can be a wimp. Two, the water was too low and knowing me I would have been the one to get hurt.

Todd swung and actually landed on the float!

Jason made a great fire for us one of the nights. At one point I drug the comfy float to sit in by fire. I could have slept there!

Here are some videos I took of Jason swinging into the river.

It was an amazing weekend filled with great friends, lots of laughs, and great food. I can't wait to do it again next year!


Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Wow!! what fun!! I remember floating down the Guadelupe when I was a kid and I soooooo want to do it again!!!!

How great that you all get a weekend away from the kiddos!!

Did you think of me as you drove by Round Rock??



Marcia said...

Awe that looks like so fun! Love how cool the tubes are… they are not the average tube! I so want to go next year!

Angie S said...

Wow...I love the large house with the outdoor seating. It looks so peaceful. The swing looks fun, but I'm a chicken too.

Jennifer said...

Wow that Jennifer girl did a great job on the house. LOL I had so much fun!!!

Amy B said...

Alli - you looked like you had just tons of fun *cough, cough*...and maybe just a little bit to drink!!!