Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Fun Weekend

This is a week old, but I just had to post these pics about our fun weekend at my sister's last weekend. Every year, we go to her house in Georgetown for their annual Poppy Festival. It is also a combined birthday celebration for all of the April and May birthdays. We have several, starting with my stepbrother, JC's on the 17th, my brother-in-law, Greg's on the 18th, mine on the 23rd, then my mom's on May 1st.

We were going to start the day on Saturday with the parade, but my niece Kate had a horrible rash/hives that started on Friday and her lips were bigger than Angelina Jolie's. But they looked good! Poor thing was so self-conscious about it...her legs and body were covered. Meredith took her to the doctor, then we all headed to Will's t-ball game.
Lito bought the kids some candy and Josh picked a BLUE ring pop. Guess I didn't really need to tell you the color it was. :) Nic and Lita (my mom). Josh took this picture. My camera is now never safe from his clutches when I bring it out. He screams when I take it from him. Lovely. He took this one too, which is really good! My Sammi is such a cutie-patootie, if I must say so myself!
Saturday night we relaxed outside, which was beautiful! The kids played and played outside and Greg and Meredith made fajitas. She even went to Chuy's the day before to get some of my beloved Creamy Jalapeno Dressing and their great chips. I think I ate enough of that to be a meal! Hey, it was for my birthday so the calories don't count...right??

Sunday morning I went with my step dad, Johnnie and Greg to the famous place of yellow donuts that are by far the best I have ever had. Round Rock Donuts. If you are ever in that town, you MUST, and I mean MUST get some! We waited in a super long line to get them and they were so worth it. There is always a line, so prepare yourself!

After stuffing ourselves with doughnuts, we went to the downtown square in Georgetown for the Poppy Festival. It is filled with all kinds of vendors. I think I always come home with great homemade soaps and candles. My favorite!

We had to get a picture of the kids by the poppies. Josh kept calling it a Puppy Festibal. Cute. There was a bee flying by, hence Sammi looking like she is on the verge of big screams and tears. Imagine hearing me talking through my teeth "just ignore the bee and smile!" Yeah, talking like that will make anyone smile! We started in the kid area filled with bounce houses and slides. This is my nephew Nic. Great action shot!

Nic and my sister, Meredith. Sammi on the velcro wall. We had Greg, who is 6' 7" be in charge of throwing them up on it since they couldn't jump high enough. Yep, he got them really high up there!
See the bow my mean sister put on Josh's head? He wouldn't let her take his picture and I don't blame him. But I have to say, he really did look like a girl with the curly hair and bow. :) Jason will be so happy knowing I put this on my blog. Ha!
Unfortunately, we had to eventually go home. The kids cried and didn't want to leave. When we got home and Josh woke up, he said "awe! I want to go to Nic and Will's house!" I'm so glad they love their cousins so much. Thanks Meredith for inviting a house full and being a great host!


Angie S said...

Great pic of Sammi, and I love the blue tongue..heehee. The pic of Jason and kids is good too...sounds like you guys had a ball!

Jennifer said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Aww... I am so stinkin' sad that I didn't get to see you that weekend!!! It was the craziest weekend we have had all year too!!

Love the shout outs to Chuy's & Round Rock Donuts!! Ironically, RR Donuts is the ONLY donut shop I have found in RR- crazy huh? Up in Dallas, they are on every street corner!! Oh well, they are the best!

Have a super week my friend!