Monday, July 20, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - Vacation Edition

Happy Monday! Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments is hosting today's FMM, which is all about vacations. I was excited to see the topic because who doesn't love a good vacation? I grew up going someplace EVERY summer. We drove to Colorado most summers, which I loved. One summer my dad changed things up and we went to Disney World. What a great trip that was! My dad loved to drive and my mom loved to stop at historical markers or just neat places along the way. I cherish the memories or our annual summer vacations.
Today's task:
This task has two parts . You can do either one or both ~ it's up to you!
1. Tell us about the best {or worst} vacation that you've ever taken.
2. Tell us FIVE places/vacations that you would like to take at some point your life. It doesn't have to be next year...maybe it's the vacation of a lifetime or somewhere you just dream of going years from now.
I have a lot of great vacations I have been on. I honestly can't think of a bad one, although I am sure my parents might disagree. :) But the one that comes to mind that tops my list of great vacations is when Jason and I went to Boston and Cape Cod. It was right before we started our family, and I just look back at that as our last "care free" trip before kids came along. I don't have a picture of us there, as that was before every picture was digital. I did find this picture online that looked like so much of what we saw. We started out in Boston and Jason showed me around. He was stationed outside of Boston for 3 years when he was in the Army and I heard so many stories, so I really wanted to see what all he had been talking about for so long. The first night we asked the dude at the car rental place for a recommendation of a great bar. We were driving on the street to find it and I told Jason that I couldn't find the place called "Clocks". He started laughing and said we were looking for "Clarks". Oh yea, most Bostonians don't enunciate the "r". He drove me to his old Army base which was neat. Then we spent several days out in Cape Cod. Beautiful! I highly recommend going out there. So serene.

Top 5 Places I Would Like To Visit:

1. Anyplace in Europe. I have been to England, Wales, Scotland, but I would love to go to Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands...just take me anywhere in that continent!

2. Australia. I regret us not going out there when we had friends that lived there for a few years. But they were there when we were poor newlyweds. :)

3. Napa Valley. Wine. Enough said.

4. Alaska. I saw a show about traveling through Alaska and they showed these travel trains with glass ceilings so you can see the amazing trees and mountains. Ever since I saw that, I have been dying to go.

5. Puerto Rico. Several of my friends have gone there and told me how amazing it is. From the pictures I have seen, I want to go there myself!

So what is on your wish list?


Ave said...

Australia is in my list too. I'm currently living in Spain and I like it a lot. When you have a chance come to visit Spain and I'm sure you won't regret.

Angie S said...

I TOTALLY forgot about putting Napa on my list...great idea! hehe:) Clocks...ha that is too funny!

Rhonda said...

Happy FMM! Great list! That is cool you got to go on a vacation every summer! Great memories!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Sounds like a great last "kid-free" trip!!!

I have been dying to go to Napa too...all about the wine baby!!!

Happy FMM!!

jenjen said...

Hi Alli!
Cape Cod is so beautiful. We used to live in Connecticut and would travel around New England quite a bit. What a fun trip that must have been. I loved the ones on your wish list too. I think Australia would be such a fun place to visit!


Allison said...

So glad PR made your list!

My top 5:
1. Thailand. (been to Japan and I'd love to see more of Asia.)
2. Spain. (lived there in college but want to return!)
3. South America, maybe Brazil?
4. Alaska
5. Australia

BTW, thanks for tagging me in the last post. I had great intentions to do it, but my laptop is at the Apple store trying to recover from a failed hard drive. (gasp!)

Jolanthe said...

Napa Valley would be beautiful too! So many places to go!

Happy FMM!

Amy B said...

Alli - Fill me in on FMM..sounds fun!!! Love you!