Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ah, the good 'ol college days....

This past week I was in Austin at UT for a few days doing various recruiting events. Being there in the different buildings, on campus, and talking with the graduating seniors made me miss being in college.

I miss the days when I woke up just in time to throw on clothes and a baseball hat to run to class. Great naps in World Lit, running into friends on campus, joining different causes or groups, going to the library or another place to study with friends, and the parties! For those that went to a really liberal school like I did at UNT, you just loved (sometimes not!) listening to the various people or evangelists coming to the square to preach or talk about what was on their mind or their cause. Having to walk past the many groups passing out fliers for whatever they wanted you to join or read about. I know I ticked off several because I didn't want them. Oh well.

In Denton, we had a place that was half a laundromat and half bar called This Suds For You. Not kidding. But we loved it! I remember having to scour my car floorboards to get enough change to do my laundry. But I ALWAYS had money for beer while we waited for our laundry to be done. Ah, the days of messed up priorities! :)

While I was at a career fair at UT, I talked to so many seniors. Some that knew exactly what they wanted in life and some had absolutely no clue what they wanted to do. Some had their resume filled with internships and tons of organizations they were heavily envolved in, all while maintaining a 3.75 GPA (those made me feel like such a slacker when I was in college!). Some did not. Those that did not and knew I was noticing that, I made sure to tell them that just by graduating they are now in the 25% of the US that has a college degree, which they should be proud of.

That night, I sent Jason a text message about me missing the college days. He replied with: "send me all of your money, trade vehicles with a homeless person, turn off your cell" Oh yea, now I remember the yucky part of being in college....being broke!

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Marcia78 said...

Thanks for your kind comment! I didnt go away to college but reading your story it sure sounds fun... well besides being flat BROKE!