Monday, April 28, 2008

My First Real Adult Birthday Party!

For the first time in my adult life, I had a real birthday party! Ok, so there wasn't a cake, but it was a party! Jason had the idea, then I took it and ran with it. We started off with dinner at my most favorite Mexican restaurants, Cantina Laredo. Then we went to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. If any of you have never been to a dueling piano bar, you must go! It is so fun and will keep you laughing all night. It's like two comedians on two pianos.

I lost my camera (thankfully it has since been found!) so all of these pictures are compliments of Marcia and Amy. Thank you both for bringing your cameras! Most of the pictures below speak for themselves....I clearly had a fun night! So many of my close friends were there to celebrate for me, which was humbling knowing they came out for me. I'm not used to that! It was a night I will never forget, thanks to my fabulous friends!

Isn't Todd & Marcia such a cute couple? She is so freaking pretty.

They had all that served in the armed forces come to the front and sing "Proud to be an American". I was in the LONG line at the bathroom and missed it. I would have cried though, that song always makes me cry! And because I'm proud of my soldier. Thanks, Marcia for taking this!

My good friend Sergio ended up coming with his wife Lisa. I didn't think they were coming, so I was happy to see them! I think this was like the 10th hug I gave can tell by the look on his face he is thinking "yeeeaaaahhhh Alli, I love you too. Uh-huh, ok, thaaaanks for the 10th hug!"

mmm....I love apple martinis!

Me & Kristi, my birthday twin. What? You don't think we look like twins? We share the same birthday, but she likes to remind me every year that I am 1 year older. Thanks!

Me & Marcia....we had so much fun together!! She started off as Jason's cousin when I first met her 14 years ago, but she is by far one of the best friends a girl can have!

Ah, Jason & Todd. They share a deep passion for NASCAR, fishing, and yes, each other. They make a cute couple!

I love this picture Marcia took of us.

I found something really funny, didn't I? I told you that place would have you laughing!

For those of you who might find this offensive, sorry. That's just how my husband is. He is a typical man...just checking to make sure they are still there. :)


Darling729 said...

Man...I'm ADULT birthday party! I am assuming my invitation was lost in the mail????

Happy Birthday Miss Allison!!

Marcia78 said...

Awe thanks for all the kind words! We love you guys too!! it was such a fun night thanks for having us! Hey we have our M. day party coming up... watch for the e vite