Monday, April 7, 2008

Sammi's Big Turnaround Soccer Game

Sammi had a soccer game on Saturday. Let's just say that the past few games did not indicate that she had or wanted a future in pro soccer. She played a great wing man! But when the ball came anywhere near her, she did nothing. At all. As if she was scared of the ball or afraid to be aggressive against anyone. Her first season she had no problem kicking a ball from someone or getting in the middle to at least be in the group by the ball. But not this season. I know I know, she is only 5. Jason nor I ever said anything, but we were left scratching our heads as to why now she didn't even want to kick the ball. Jason turned things around for her because she has no problem running and is pretty fast. He told her to go down to the other goal and pretty much play goalie, even though they don't have that position yet. It worked! So this past game, she kicked the ball. A lot! She was so excited. Most of the time she also runs and looks at her shadow or looks at us. It cracks us up! They play 3 on 3, so for the most part it is a pack of 6 girls running around the ball. It seriously is the funniest thing.
I promise, I won't blog about her game every week or bore you with tons of pics each week. But just this once I'll post some "action" shots since for the most part, they look the same each week. :) Other than one of us chasing Joshua as he runs onto the field, it is fun family time for us.
Sammi kicking the ball! Check out that grass....I for sure did not play soccer on a field like that! I think it was mowed down weeds. And the uniforms! Did you see the Inaria brand socks and shorts? And the jersey? Really. I had a t-shirt with the name and number printed on it at the local Forney print store (aka our neighbor's garage) worn with whatever shorts our parents put us in, whether they matched or not, and whatever tube socks. I guess that's the difference between Forney Youth Soccer and Keller Youth Soccer. I get enough jokes from Jason about that!

Check out that form! She's so stinking cute when she runs. For her size, she is fast. I wonder if they have 5 year old track and field? Just kidding!

Thank goodness my mom found this shake & go truck that we left at her house. It kept Joshua occupied for 2 year old terms that is about 5 minutes. But I'll take it!

In action. Can't you see the fear in the little redhead's face? Yeah, she's scared. I just know it.

Sammi & Grandpa....probably the most faithful watcher of Sammi's "skillz" every week besides her mom and dad! He LOVES his grandkids.

Sammi and her #1 fan (tied with her daddy). It's rare I'm ever photographed. I actually thought to have my mom take this. Selfishly, I did it on purpose because I actually had make up on, although you can't tell. :)

Sammi's favorite part of soccer is at half time and after the game. For the snacks! And as always, she has to share with Joshua or we all hear him screaming. I thought I was smart to bring his own. Nope, doesn't work when she gets something completely different.

After the game we went out to lunch. Here is Lito (my amazing, wonderful, most patient stepdad!), Sammi, & Joshua.

Sammi & Joshua pretending to sleep. Of course they opened up their eyes when I took the picture.

Again, I promise not to bore you with soccer action pictures each week. But if I get her on video running down the field with the ball and into a goal, you bet I'll post it!

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Jodi said...

You BETTER post some video! Those pics are too too cute! What a star! :) Love it. So glad to see that Don is a faithful soccer fan. That is so sweet! Love ya'll!