Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! We had a great day....busy but fun! Every year we either go to my mom's house if Meredith and her family are in town, or to Jason's mom's house with Julie and her family. This year Meredith stayed in Austin and Julie is in Richmond, so we thought we would stay at our house and have our parents over. So after church, my mom, dad, step dad, and father-in-law came over for lunch. Whew, it's a lot of work being the host! But I loved having them over.
Enough of me yapping...the pictures will walk you through the night before and the day of Easter.

Joshua dying his egg....he dropped it and it cracked. But that didn't stop him! Next year I have to get extra dippers. He was NOT thrilled about giving it to Sammi for her turn. In fact, he was so unhappy that he promptly went to bed after a fit he had. Poor Josh, he was tired and wasn't in the mood for sharing. :) But wen he was dunking his egg and seeing it come out in another color, he would always say "whoa!" Cute.

Sammi's turn to dye her eggs. She was so meticulous and did it like a pro. But when she dyed it yellow, then put it in the blue dye to make it green and it didn't turn out to be a true green, she quickly questioned it and wanted to know what to do to make it right. Her inquisitive nature makes me smile!
Morning after finding their baskets. Sneaky Sammi saw a few goodies in Joshua's basket before he woke up that she wanted. So she just took it upon herself to put them in her basket. Nice try! She was not happy that I made her put them back. As you can see from this picture, Joshua was not in the mood to have his picture taken. His response when he sees me with the camera is either "no! go!" or "cheeeese!" You know what he said this time. Ha!

Ah, gotta love presents from grandparents! My dad got them a basket with candy and a basketball. They fought over the ball and now we are having to teach Joshua that throwing a basketball at us is not the same as throwing a football!

I love this picture of Sammi with my mom. Aka "Lita". She made the kids a cute planter for flowers. She took an egg, cut the top off, took out the yolk, put dirt and a flower in it, then glued it to a saucer for a flower pot. So cute!

While the Easter bunny (my dad, step dad, and Jason's dad) hid the eggs in our backyard, my mom took the kids in the front yard to blow bubbles. I had to come up with a way to get them away from the windows to the backyard!

Joshua didn't quite get the hang of hunting eggs again this year. He would find an egg, then just wanted to hold it or try to open it up and see what candy was inside. He wasn't thrilled with the ones that had money in them.

I just love this picture. But I had to snap fast because she did not want to waste anytime not finding eggs....or let Joshua get any of them.
The Easter bunny tried really hard to hide the eggs....under a pile of leaves! But "he" hid a real egg in there, which was stepped on. That one went in the trash!

After the hunt with all of their loot!

Silly Sammi!

Can't you just hear Joshua saying "cheeeese!"??

Check out those chipmunk cheeks full of candy! Both of them were just giddy from all of the candy they got to eat. I don't think they had a real dinner that night! Oh well, what's one night of candy for dinner going to do to them?? :)


Marcia78 said...

I love your pics! It seemed like i was there! You did well telling the story of the way your events happened. Addie says the CHEESEE face too! Got to love it!

Meredith said...

Great pics! Missed you at Easter this year. But it was nice being home for once on a Holiday. That is so funny that Sammi was scouting the good stuff for her basket. And the picture says it all. Love you!

Jodi said...

Great pics! That is so fun that you guys hosted them all for Easter! Looks like it was quite the success... don't kids just make everything more fun?!?! Love those two!!! Such cuties! Miss y'all....

Karen Solana said...

Glad to catch up on the kiddos. Hard to believe it's been almost 2 years since we've seen you guys. Texas isn't that big, so once we get back, we need to stay in better contact "Cuzzin". Maybe I'll even forget I'm the oldest and I used to push you and Mer in a stroller. Seems like yesterday. Darn, I do sound old... Hugs and Kisses. Karen