Wednesday, March 12, 2008


WARNING: Long post!

Sunday evening Sammi & Josh went to my mom's for the week. I had a trip to Denver for work leaving on Monday through late Wednesday night, then leaving Thursday night for a scrapbook retreat with two friends. With Jason's crazy work hours, they go to my mom's when I am out of town. They love going there and getting spoiled by their Lito & Lita (shortened from Abualito & Abualita in spanish). I look at this as a win-win situation for all of us...I get to travel (which I LOVE!), be in a hotel room at night ALONE, Jason gets to be a bachelor for a few days, and the kids get lots of love and time with their grandparents.

I took advantage of them being gone Monday morning and went to work early. I dashed off to the airport to catch a 3:40 flight. The plan was to go to my friend Amy's house for dinner once I got to Denver. She works in recruiting in Denver and became a real close friend to me after we met several years ago. I was looking forward to someone cooking for me and just getting to hang out with her, as opposed to our crazy, busy meetings in other parts of the country where we can only catch up at night when we are done with work and meetings.

My flight was slightly delayed. No biggie. Flights rarely leave on time. The captain updates us as we are still at the gate that we can't leave and even he doesn't know why. Wow, that was reassuring! Eventually he tells us that maintenance blew a circuit and thus the plane was grounded. Everybody, off the plane! Great. So we go back and sit at the gate again. we were told they were waiting to find out if there was another plane to use. Do they just have big expensive airplanes parked somewhere in a hangar waiting for something like this? Really, I thought that. We waited. And waited. Waited some more. 2 hours later they finally told us that the flight was cancelled and to get in line to get a ticket for another flight. As I waited in the long line, I called my company's travel desk to see if they can do something quicker. Nope, both flights at 5:45 and 6:40 were booked, but I was on a 9:15 flight. The thought of waiting around the airport for another 4 hours did not sound appealing. I even contemplated calling Jason to meet me there for dinner. :) I finally get to the counter and the agent said she could get me on standby for the 6:40 flight. Great! I'll take it! Then she said "oh wait, it looks like I can get you a seat!" Hooray for having lots of frequent flier miles with American! I texted Amy to tell her I would be getting into Denver at 7:40 and she insisted that I still come over. Side note: what did we do before technology of cell phones and text messaging? Oh yea, I remember now....we used pay phones infested with germs. Yuck!

After 6 or 7 hours, I got to Amy's house. I was only there for about and hour and a half then she took me to my hotel. Not the night I had planned on, but it could have been much worse! I miss my kids terribly and won't get to see them until Sunday evening...but mommy needs some time to herself sometimes!

I planned my scrapbook retreat way before I found out about my trip to Denver. I think this will be the longest I have been away from Sammi & Joshua, but I know they are having a blast. I am most enjoying the fact that Jason will be alone with them all weekend. I foresee trips to McDonald's and doughnuts for breakfast. Their bodies will be in shock when I get home and they have square meals. :) But time alone with Daddy will be good for everyone!

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Marcia78 said...

MAN you had a long day and busy week!! I bet you are glad to be back to the norm again! Cant wait till your party!!! :-)