Sunday, March 16, 2008

Random Facts About Me

I have a ton of pics to upload and create new blogs, but I'm so behind on everything in my life right now! But in the meantime, here are random facts about me. I posted it on myspace and thought I should add it here too.

1. I pop my knuckles and other joints everyday. Probably too much.
2. I was the only female in my drafting and engineering classes in college. Drove me crazy (some old fashioned guys that had the mind-set of someone in the 50's that women can't do "man's work") but it made me work harder. I won awards because of that...not letting them beat me and think their sexist views were right.
3. I cannot stand for my food to touch! The person that invented the divided plate was a genius!
4. I am addicted to celebrity news. I have had People magazine since I was in high school. But at least I admit it!
5. My dream retirement is living in a big log cabin in the mountains in Colorado. Then I can drive around the mountains as much as I want!
6. I LOVE cars...I can look at the headlights, front, or back of any car (ok, not really old cars) and tell you the make or model. If a car passes me and I'm wrong, I make a mental note so that I am not wrong again. I know, strange obession. But I love cars of all kinds.
7. I cannot stand it when people whistle, smack when they eat, or hum. Just be quiet!
8. I was a major tomboy when I was growing up. My sister had to give me make up for Christmas one year....I think that was a hint!
9. I don't have any big fears of anything (spiders, snakes, etc) but I fear of dying while my children are young.
10. I have to clean my ears everyday or I feel gross.
11. I LOVE to read maps and floorplans. I honestly think the best birthday gift I got from Jason that really showed he knew me was a huge book full of floorplans. When I am in a new state or city and am driving around, I love to read the maps of the area. It drives Jason crazy when he is driving. He says he doesn't want it to look so obvious that we are tourists.

Ok, that's it. Now do you feel you know me better? Or wish you didn't know so much? :)

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