Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mr. Mom

This weekend Jason was home alone with the kids. It is not often that I am away for an entire weekend. I went to a scrap book retreat...I go twice a year and this was my 4th trip. The first retreat, Jason recently had surgery on his finger (who can't forget that awful ordeal with his cut finger??) so he could not pick up Joshua, much less change a diaper. 2nd retreat was right after the knuckle replacement. Same thing. The 3rd retreat he had to work that weekend. Anywho, you can see where I am going. But this time, nothing! Yea! I was so excited to be gone to relax, do a hobby that I love, and hang out with friends. Oh yea, and know that he was home alone ALL weekend with the kids and see what I deal with.

For what I am about to write about, please do not think I am an ungrateful wife that is picky and finds fault in my husband. It all just really made me laugh because I immediately thought about the movie "Mr. Mom". If you have never seen the movie, rent it! It's hilarious.

I get home today around 3:00 and so excited to see the kids and Jason. I walk in, and the kids are finishing lunch. Yes, lunch at 3:00 PM. Sammi is wearing mix-matched pj's and Joshua is wearing camo pants with a tie-dyed shirt that didn't even have the same colors. The house is a wreck. Jason looked so relieved to see me. Not a look like he missed me, but he had a look on his face of "oh thank goodness, relief is here!" He talked about how it took him hours to get the dishes done because he kept on having to stop to do something with or for the kids. I went outside to unload my car and Joshua followed me. I told him we needed to put some shoes on him. Jason told me that some shoes are in his truck. He opens it up and all of their stuff from the week at my mom's was still in there since Friday. I take it out and see the kids toothbrushes on top. I asked him if he brushed their teeth all weekend...nope. He said he didn't think about it. I asked him if he brushed his teeth...yes, of course. So I then asked him why he didn't think to brush theirs. All of it was so comical to me. About an hour after I got home Jason asked if he could go run errands. Ha ha! I was pretty sure he was desperate to get away.

Needless to say, I got a good laugh out of all of it....but I would never tell him this! :) Coming home to a messy house and messy kids was all worth the wonderful, relaxing weekend that I had!

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Meredith said...

I bet he appreciates what you do even more! Glad you took some time for yourself....