Saturday, May 3, 2008

Amy & Jacob's Wedding

This blog is a little late, but I couldn't not write about this and show the amazing pictures my sister Meredith and her husband Greg took. One of my most closest, dearest friends Amy got married a few weeks ago. She met the perfect match for her....Jacob! He is an amazing person that loves her unconditionally, as all true love should, and loves her two beautiful kids as though they are his own. Watching their relationship blossom and see the four of them together really brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy that my friend found someone that loved the three of them. I prayed for this and God answered!

They were married outside at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens and it was beautiful! The colors of the grass, flowers, plants were so vibrant. And Amy was a beautiful bride. Thankfully I got there early because I was asked to drive back to her house to pick up the flowers they forgot. I got back just in the nick of time for the wedding to start! I was SO glad there were no cops to and from because I broke many traffic laws! Sorry, but I had the bouquet! :)

Enough of my rambling...on with the pictures!

Ella & Jackson, Amy's two gorgeous kids. Aren't they? Jackson was Sammi's first "boyfriend". As babies, they crawled on the floor together and we even caught Jackson patting her thick, diapered bottom. He started young. :)

The wedding party...I love the shade of green they had!

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Bryant

So cute...

Jason & I at the reception.

Me & Amy. I just couldn't stop hugging her, I was just so happy for her!

The happy couple!

Amy, I love you and couldn't be happier that Jacob is in your life. I pray that God continues to bless the four of you!


Meredith said...

It was a beautiful wedding and made me want to renew my vows. The first picture was one of my favorites that I took! I can't believe we took over a 1000 pics that day...

Marcia78 said...
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Marcia78 said...

Wow Meredith you did an amazing job! Yeah for Amy... you can tell from the pics how happy they are!