Friday, May 9, 2008

My Daughter, the Graduate

Today Samantha had a graduation ceremony for her Pre-Kindergarten class. Her class practiced for several weeks and that is just about all we heard about as well. Not about the lesson for the week, books she is learning to read, or words she is writing. Graduation. That's it. This week was even count down to Friday everyday. And I mean, everyday. Every morning. Every night. You get the picture. She was just so excited!
All of them sang 6 songs, some mixed with sign language and one in Spanish. Each was asked to stand up and tell us what they wanted to be when they grew up. Samantha proudly said "an astronaut and a professional soccer player!". That's my girl! One boy said he wanted to be a doctor AND dentist. I like his goals! Some said Batman or Spiderman, and there were several cheerleaders, sports players, and some ologist. We couldn't understand what she said, other than some big word that we never heard of that ended in "ologist".
When did it become the trend to have a graduation for Pre-K? I myself didn't have one since I didn't go to preschool. But I don't remember ever hearing of them until the last few years. Maybe I just never paid attention before I had kids?? In fact, I didn't have one in Kindergarten either and I think most schools have a graduation then as well. My first cap and gown was at 18, not 5! But, they sure look adorable in their tiny gown and tassel hanging to the side of their cap. They got to keep their tassel.....and no, I don't plan on hanging it from my rearview mirror in case you were wondering. :)
As soon as I can get them to work (I am impatient tonight!) I will post the videos of her singing some songs. But here are a few of my favorite pictures.
The graduate with her diploma. And for those few of you that know THE mother of all stories of Samantha in class this year, THE Blake is sitting to her right. Now you have a face with the name.
The proud parents...

Trent, John, & Samantha. Trent has a big crush on Samantha, but she only has eyes for John. :) But if you ask her, John is NOT her boyfriend! Since the first day she started attending Ivy Glen, she has been by John's side. For awhile, she would get upset if someone else sat next to him. Ah, young puppy love....
Samantha and her best girlfriends....Taryn, Katie, Olivia R, and Olivia B.
Ms. Shirley, Samantha's teacher. I love Ms. Shirley and will miss having her as Samantha's teacher. She had Samantha pegged from Day 1 and knew just the right way in handling her and how to keep her focused (she is a major talker. I wonder where she gets that?).

Scruffy daddy (that's just 1 day from not shaving!) and his favorite girl.

After the ceremony they had cake and punch in another room and made it very clear that they needed to remove their cap and gown. I wonder why?? Here is Samantha with one of her best friends, Olivia R. There are two Olivia's and we are always asking her "which Olivia?" when she talks about them.

And if you are wondering, yes, I did cry. Just a little in the beginning. I wasn't planning on it and honestly didn't think I would feel sad. But as I sat there reading the program and thinking about all that she has learned in preschool, it hit me! She is slowly breaking away from "my little girl" mold. I keep telling her that she will always be my little girl when she corrects me and says "I am NOT a little girl! I am a big girl!" Even when she is 30 or 40, I will call her my little girl. Right? Geez, how will I be when she graduates high school and college? I am sure not as bad as I will be when she becomes an astronaut or a professional soccer player. :)


Meredith said...

Great pics. Such big, monumental moments...kindergarten round up, graduation...time is flying by isn't? I was teary eyed when I signed up Will and Kate for Kinder and their graduation is this week...I'll be crying too. You're not alone! Sammi looks so cute in her cap and gown. Don't you wish we could put bricks on them so they can't grow up?

Julie said...

She's such a big kid!! Thank you so much for sending the pictures. Miss you tons!

Marcia78 said...

I already sent you a whole long e mail on this so I will spare you the boredom. This is such a special time for them at this age, LOVE IT! Colby still talks about it a year later! I kind of like one day scruff Jason. :-) His hair is shorter too.