Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh we go!

It's over. My mornings and days of getting Joshua out of his crib are over. And I'm not happy about it!
Joshua came into our bedroom BY HIMSELF Saturday morning. Jason was fishing that day, so he was already gone. When he is gone, I am WAY alert. When I heard Joshua's voice, I was so hopeful that it was coming from Sammi's cartoons. Then the voice got closer and then I heard "where's mommy?". He came running in my room just so proud of himself. I on the other hand, was quietly freaking out inside. Thinking "did he fall?" Nope. I was hopeful it was just a one time thing. Boy was I wrong! Sunday he came waltzing into the living room after his nap. He scared Jason to death this morning at 6 am when he came out of his room. AAAHHH!!!!
Let me preface why I am freaking out: Samantha was in her crib until she was almost 3. Not once did she try to get out of her crib. I sought the advice from so many friends and family asking if I should take her out. Everyone told me to leave her in the crib until she starts to get out on her own. The only reason why we took her out was because I was pregnant with Joshua and he needed that crib! And I wanted her to be fully comfortable in her new bed in her new room before he came along and completely rocked her world.
Jason said the inevitable "we need to convert his crib into a toddler bed". No! No! No! I am not ready! I think part of me does not want to let go of the few "baby" things that is left. And the crib is definitely one of them! I searched for the instructions to convert the crib, but I have come up short. The crib was purchased 6 years ago! We never had to convert it for Sammi, so this is new. Thank goodness for the has got to be there somewhere!
My worry now is having to divert him back to his bed, whether it's the crib until I find the instructions, or the bed once it is converted. I am sure that won't be fun. He is two. And as his Aunt Julie says "he is two and good at it" and she is right! When Sammi was 3 and in her new bed, we could reason with her on why she had to go back to her bed. I have a feeling it won't be that simple with strong-headed, all-boy Joshua!
If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears (or eyes!). :)
It feels weird sending out posts without a picture (can you tell it's just killing me not having a camera so post new pics?), so I'm putting in a picture, even though it has nothing to do with this post. :)


meredith said...

Oh memories...ALL 3 of mine climbed out of their cribs. Isn't it fun? Put a baby gate in front of his room so he can't leave his room. Maybe he'll start to play until you're ready to get him? Good luck!

Marcia78 said...

Oh boy... Colby learned right about 2 too! You made me LOL with the 6 am Jason part! :-) I dont have any tips... it was a hard adjustment for us!