Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason!

Today Jason is turning the big 3-6. I know, that really isn't old. But I love to tease him for being older than me....it is only 2 years older than me, but I'll take it. I even joke that I am his trophy wife. Jason has never been big on going all out for his birthday. I love birthdays, so I try to do little things for him to make his day special without driving him crazy. Like cooking his favorite dinner, go to his choice of restaurant, etc. He is not into sweets (I know, what is wrong with him??), so I just get him his favorite coconut cream pie.

This year he shocked me and said for his birthday he wanted to take the kids to the lake and go fishing. So we are heading out to his uncle's property on Lake Fork with my dad's trailer to stay there. I wasn't too excited about taking Sammi out of school for several days (heck, she is only in school for 3 hours a day!) and she has school pictures on Thursday, but I agreed to one day. We are leaving today when Sammi gets out of school and then coming home tomorrow night.

We went to Cabela's yesterday and got Joshua his own fishing pole. It is a Cars-theme pole and he is so excited with it. Jason showed him last night how it works, so last night and this morning we have been watching him play with it and say "I ready for fish, Daddy!" It is so cute. When we left for the store, he threw one fist in the air and said "yea fish!" I think Jason about passed out from pure joy....the thought that his son is excited about fishing at 2 is what he dreamed of. That and golfing, of course! It should be interesting to see how long he sits still on the dock....you know I'll be posting pictures later this week. Sammi is excited to see the horses and donkey. We got out her fishing pole too, but she isn't as excited as Joshua. She is showing some excitement, mainly because of her daddy. She is like I was when I was little....whatever daddy liked, I liked. Even if I really didn't. :) She's a daddy's girl through and through and I'm ok with it!

Happy 36th Birthday Jason! I love you!


Jodi said...

HOW FUN! What a great Daddy idea! Y'all have a blast... we'll look forward to pics!

Monkey said...

What an awesome day! Happy Birthday Jason...that means I'm 36 in two months...ouch!

Love you guys and hope it goes well!

Jodi said...

OH, and kudos to you for making the most of Stay-at-Home-Mommyhood. It IS the biggest challenge ever!!! But it is obvious you are making the most of every minute... hang in there!

And no, you don't get to be sick. Period.