Thursday, October 30, 2008

Samantha's Birthday Party

I am finally caught up to post the pics from Sammi's birthday party. Let me just start off by saying that I had her party at one of the best places EVER! Oogles n' Googles throws the best birthday parties! There are a ton of themes to choose from and you can have it at their location or they can come to your house. They do everything. And I mean everything. They did invitations (not cheapy kind that they fill in the blank either), balloons, cake, paper goods, have games and activities for them that THEY organize, thank you notes, and party favors. I never went to a party there, so was not quite sure how it would turn out. I was way impressed! And it worked out well this year. I just did not want to have another party at my house, clean clean clean, stress out over the cleaning, buy everything (that ain't in my hubby's department), etc. It worked out well because my dad had his back/spine surgery moved to Sammi's birthday, the day before the party. It was an 11 hour surgery and I was at the hospital from 9am until 11:30pm. I can't imagine having to deal with my house and getting ready for a party after that! God certainly guided me! Seriously, look at having a party with Oogles 'n Googles, you will not be let down!

Not surprising finding some boys at the video game!

Sammi picked the theme to be Pirates, yet she found some clothes to dress up in and wore the fairy princess outfit until it was time to change into the pirate gear. What a lovely fair maiden.

Now here we go, that is more like it. A pirate. Don't you love the mustache they painted on her?

Sammi and her best friend from preschool, Taryn.

Walking the plank.
Just a dancin'

Picking up spiders and snakes.

A group picture...that is with those that wanted to be in the picture or wanted to dress up. Surprisingly, there were a lot of shy ones that did not want to do least 8!

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and have cake.

Isn't this a great picture of Sammi blowing out her candles?

Jackson (Sammi's first "boyfriend") and her cousin Kate.

She was so excited to start to open her presents that she literally could not sit still!

Look at how Colby is sitting? Doesn't he look so grown up and nonchalant?

Sammi with cousins Kate & Will

After the party, we had about an hour to waste before her soccer game, so off to McDonald's to eat and play we went! My sister snagged my camera to take this of Kate and Sammi just yapping like a bunch of old ladies.
The only picture I got at her game....that is her laying UNDER the bench.
After the game my sister and her family, my mom, and step dad came to our house to hand out. Sammi showed off new new hat and sunglasses from her friend Kalea.
And then Lito had to do the same. :)

All but Will were outside playing with Sammi's Polly Pockets.
My sister Meredith, ever so thoughtful, thought that Joshua would feel left out from opening presents and got him something of his very own. So sweet! He got all kinds of cool things from his Aunt Meredith.
It was a VERY long, busy day. But so fun! We were so sad when my sister, bro in law, and their 3 kids left the next day. We all were worn out and needed some rest!


Marcia said...

I agree it was a SUPER -great- fun party!! LOl that pic of Colby is funny! Looks like she had and awesome day! BTW great job on the kitchen! Happy Halloween

Jodi said...

What a FUN party! And so smart of Mommy to do it there! :)

And your kitchen is FABULOUS! Can't wait for finished shots. I totally understand about all that... our house/kitchen was torn up for 8 months after the flood. Eating take-out on the floor of our bedroom (where the only tv was due to the havoc) for tons of time got really old. So, hope it is all done and in working order soon! You'll be SOOOOOOO glad you did it!