Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun With the Kids

Since this is the last official week for both kids to be home, I had a lot of things to mark off my "to do" list of things I wanted to do with them before either I started a new job or Sammi started Kindergarten. So, last night we went to Incredible Pizza after Meet the Teacher for Sammi's new class. We loved this place! It is like a big kid's Chuck E Cheese, just without the scary rat. :)
Here are two of my most favorite people. Jason was in the middle of chewing, hence the strange grin on his face.
My curly-headed boy saying "cheeeeeeeese!" He ate nothing but goldfish. Really, what is wrong with this kid not liking pizza?

Jason playing a Nascar race. Of course he was Dale Jr's car.

And, he came in first! I don't think I have ever seen anyone win first place in these video car races. I myself, chose not to even attempt them. I am the one driving off the road, running over pedestrians, knocking down trees, etc. I spared myself the embarrassment with Mr. First Place being there. :)

Jason & Sammi riding the motorcycles. I pretty much drug Jason to this place, then he wants to play all of the games. Go figure.

Joshua playing a's nice when kids are too young to know that what was on the screen was just the preview of how the game is. He was cheap since we didn't have to put money in these for him!

There was a toddler area with a few small rides. Of course Sammi couldn't just sit back and watch, so she got on the merry-go-round too.

Joshua freaked out when he saw this "race car". He loves race cars, so every type of a car is called a race car by him.

Today I took them to ride the Trinity Rail Express to downtown Dallas. A friend of mine told me how fun it was for her daughter, and Joshua loves trains, so I thought I'd give it a try. It was so fun!

Here they are waiting for the train to come.

Joshua watching the landscape go by....he sat like this for the first half of the ride. I love this picture.

Joshua saying "choo choo!"
Self portrait by mommy...the only way I can get in pictures without bugging strangers to take the picture for me. I am horrible at that.

Another of my favorite pictures.
Awe, isn't he sweet? I should frame this as a reminder that my two year old boy IS a nice boy to his sister at times. :)
I have lived in and around Dallas since I was born. So why did it have to take a trip with my kids and just walking around downtown Dallas for me to finally see the JFK landmarks around Dallas from the day he was shot? I have always wanted to take that tour, so I kind of got one. Just no one walking with us and giving facts and cool information. This picture is of the book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot JFK from the 6th floor. I say supposedly because with all of the conspiracy theories out there, I have no idea what is true and what is not. Ever see Oliver Stone's JFK? Makes you think....

A pic of "the grassy knoll" Is that how you spell "knoll"?

Here is JFK's memorial in Dallas. Really neat architecture.

This was the home of John Neely Bryan, who founded Dallas. I can't imagine living in something so small!
This is a statue of him...with Sammi & Joshua. I think Joshua was on his way to falling asleep here.

.....and here he is fast asleep.

Still sleeping, even after we boarded the train to go back home. Sammi said it well, "he is so cute when he is sleeping". I agree!

Sammi being a pirate in the car on the way home. Argh!

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Monkey said...

What an awesome time for you guys! You'll always remember this and can't say you didn't live it up while you were a stay at home mom for a moment!