Monday, August 25, 2008

Samantha's First Day of School

It's official. I am the mother of a Kindergartner. Where oh where did the time go? Sammi was pretty excited about starting school today, but I think mainly because Jason and I were making such a big deal about it. Looking back, I have no idea why. She is already used to being at daycare or preschool, so not being with us during the day isn't a huge jolt to her world. But since I have been home with her everyday for a little over a month, I thought it might. I was wrong! I teared up (I have no idea why!) as we were walking down the hall to her classroom last week when we met her teacher. I assumed since I was teary then, that I would be teary today. Nope! Not a tear. Hmmm....what is wrong with me? But I was sad yesterday thinking about it.
Keller's school district still does half day Kindergarten. I know, who still does half day kindergarten? I remember having it just for half a day, but that was like back in the olden days, circa 1980. Times have changed in 28 years! Keller's reason is because they are growing so much and don't have enough classrooms yet. Um, theses same Kindergartners will be moving to First grade next year. Will they have room for them? 3 hours she is in school a day. 3 measly hours! What can they squeeze in 3 hours? As you can tell, I am not too thrilled about this half day business.
Here is the start of the yearly tradition where you take a picture in front of some place outside your house that you showed off either your new backpack or new lunchbox. I have some I would like to burn. Those dorky years, mainly. Yes folks, even beautiful me had dorky years. Ha! Man, I crack myself up! Anyways, as you can see from this picture, Sammi is not holding a backpack OR a lunchbox. Because half day Kindergarten does not have lunch! And what could she possibly need to tote back and forth to school for just 3 hours a day? Jason asked me this weekend if I got her one. I said no and explained why. He seemed confused and said "every kid needs a new backpack on their first day of school". I told him, ok, we will play the first day by ear. If we then think she will need one, then I will get her one. Well, when we got there this morning, there was a whole wall of hooks with backpacks. Jason gave me that look that said "I told you so" because he didn't understand why I didn't buy one in the first place. Argh.

Joshua just could not stand it just being Sammi in the pictures, so I obliged and let him be in one.

Sammi in her new classroom. Notice the interesting smile on her face? She has just started this odd smile where she sticks her chin out and strains her neck muscles while she smiles. Why? Jason kept saying "Sammi, give a normal smile", and this is what I got for "normal". Poor thing looks tired. 6:45 came early this morning! For me too!

Excited mommy. It took an act of Congress to get Jason to take a picture for me. I don't remember seeing many other parents take pictures, but who cares? Jason is not one to be the odd man out or stick out, so he didn't want to do it. I widened my eyes, talked through my teeth, and said "please just do it" He did. He's a good man and I love him for it. :)

I snuck this picture of Jason giving his talk to Sammi before we left. I knew he wouldn't pose for a picture. Why would he want to be the only dad in there doing that? :) So this is what I got.
After I dropped her off, I had just two short errands to run, and then poof! It was already time to pick her up. And what did she tell me when I picked her up? "My teacher told me to tell you that I need a backpack". Really. I'm not kidding. So, off to Target we went and Sammi is now the proud owner of a My Little Pony backpack.


Marcia said...

Oh the backpack part is too funny! You crack me up!!! I am so glad she had a great first day! She is looking a bit sleepy in that one picture! I am sure most of the other children starting today where a bit sleepy! So sweet...

Allison said...

Hi Alli! SO happy to have another blog to read. It's really fun keeping up with others and their families through these. Alex starts school on Wednesday! That's so funny about the backpack. We did get one - I think it makes Alex already feel like an official kindergartener.

rebecca said...

So you have one of those husband too! My hubby HATES taking pictures....and that is why you will never see me in pictures.
I didn't cry when Morganne went to school I wonder if I will tomorrow when my baby starts???
Love seeing you blog more often!!