Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

These days I feel like I have been living off of multiple lists. Every morning I check my planner to see what is on my lists. It finally hit me last night (don't laugh, this was a very delayed thought) that I have so many lists I am working off of! I have:
  • list of things to do with the kids before I go back to work, whenever that is
  • list of things I need to do to secure a new job
  • list of things to do around the house before I, you guessed it, go back to work
Lists are driving my life! But, I'm someone who likes instant gratification. Nothing makes me happier than marking off that item off of a list. And the list could be anything. I loved at my previous job marking off a territory that we just filled. Yea! But, if it isn't on the list, I will easily forget about it. I have notepads and sticky notes in my car, on my nightstand, on my kitchen bar just in case something comes to me to add to my list. Then I compile them in my planner. But, that is what works for me.
I marked off a huge item on my list yesterday that I am so excited about. Hold onto your seats, organizing papers. Woo hoo! Isn't that so fun? Yea, I don't like it either. But I was tired of trying to find things and having to go to muliple places in my house to find it. I have been meaning to reorganize and put everything together in one place for months and months. Yesterday just so happened to be a day that I was in the mood to tackle this project. After I finished that, I moved on to cleaning and organizing all sorts of things....under the bathroom sink, the pantry, the kids closets. It felt great! When I get in those moods, watch out. Everyone around me suffers because I am so focused on finishing it completely and perfectly. When I say suffer, I mean it was after 6 pm, my sister called me as she was cooking dinner and asked what I was cooking. Cooking? Why? What time is it? Crap! They need to eat! Last night my kids ate at 7:30.
I wish I was focused on cleaning like that more often. Then I think of how much in the zone I get that my kids would be the ones from the TV show "Wife Swap" crying to the other mommy that their mom cleans the house more than hanging out with them. No thanks, I would rather have an unorganized, cluttered home. :) I love watching that show, but it kills me how so many moms are either more into making themselves happy first and ignoring their kids, or more into having a perfectly clean home and ignoring their kids. How do they not see what they are doing? Never mind, that's a whole other blog.
I should close, I know there is something on my lists that I can do so I can mark it off!

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Marcia said...

Good for you girl!! I am a "list" girl too... I don’t think as much as you are. I am glad you are enjoying your time off and being productive :-)