Sunday, August 3, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Husband?

I think my husband is about to hit me up for a new set of golf clubs. Or ask for a night out with the guys. Was he a victim of the body snatchers? Whatever the reason, I don't care. I love it!
Here is why I think something is up with him. We went to some friend's house last night for game night. We got home really late, but naturally, the kids were up super early. Ugh, I was so tired and had a really bad headache. Jason got up not long after I did and started helping out. After an hour or so I climbed back in bed for some quiet time. I ended up falling asleep. Off and on I woke up and heard Joshua come in to see me. Jason would shuttle him out of the room to not bother me. When I got up after sleeping some more, I came in the living room to it being spotless. He said he had the kids pick up their mess and then said they were currently in their own rooms cleaning that too. What??? Really??? So, I got to take a nap uninterrupted and then woke up to a clean house with children cleaning? Did I wake up in the wrong house with the wrong family? Or am I getting my delayed Mother's Day that didn't go as planned? As Jason told me, it's because they love me.
All of this makes me think of what my mom told me years ago, "write the good things down so that you can look back and remember them for when our husbands upset us". Good advice mom!


Monkey said...

Sounds like someone missed you guys!

Marcia said...

Awe that is so awesome! WAY TO GO JASON!!! That is so sweet...

Emily said...

in our family, that's called scoring love points.... :) some book we read had the annalogy of each person has a "love bank" and the spouse needs to fill it with "love points". when the bank is low, things are bad b/c we're not trying to meet each other's needs, etc. Anyway, it's mostly a joke for us--lol! :)

Totally ditto your mom, though! Great advice!

Miss ya!