Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Whew, what a long weekend! I wish I had pictures for all of it, but I will do my best with what I have.
Started off last Wednesday with my sister Meredith and her brood coming to our house for an overnight visit. The kids played, played, and played some more. After 5 kids in the house, I was exhausted that night! Samantha LOVES her cousins Nic (7), Will & Kate (both 6). Thursday we headed to my dad's for a day of swimming. Swimming with 5 kids is not in the least bit relaxing! My form of relaxing swimming is by floating on my back until I just can't take it anymore. I love doing that! So relaxing to me. But with Joshua, there isn't much relaxing to be had. But he would rather just hang in the hot tub. At the end of the day, I was exhausted! Too much sun and swimming, I guess. But it was worth it!
Friday I went to my cousin Kristin's house in McKinney. I am trying real hard to see all of my stay-at-home friends before I go back to work, and she was #2 on my list (sorry Kristin, Meredith was #1. I know you understand!). Her boys, Drew (7) and Tate (5) played great with Sammi and Joshua. We got to catch up in between referreeing someone, getting food or drinks, etc. We had to dash off to beat traffic and get me home in time to get ready for a night out. That night Jason and I went to a surprise birthday dinner, which was 1 1/2 months after her birthday! Many reasons why it was late, but it gave Jason and I an excuse to go out together. An added bonus: it was at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.
Here is a pic of Amy and I. She is a dear, dear friend of mine (see previous post Amy & Jacob's Wedding) that I don't get to see as much since our lives are so busy. I love you Amy!

Jason gettin' some love from Lisa and Amy. He looks pretty happy, doesn't he? :)

Saturday, several members of Jason's family were in town. I already had plans to scrapbook all day at my friend Leisha's house, but I took a break to see everyone while they went swimming at Marcia's house. Selfishly, it was nice that I already had plans...Jason was in charge of everything to get the kids ready, take them to lunch with the family, take them swimming, etc. It was great! One of my mole's in the family told me that he looked "hurried", was late, and even commented "it's tough being a single dad!" Ha ha, that just makes me smile! Yes, I do love my husband. But all you moms out there know how clueless and helpless they can be and act when they are alone with the kids! They need a reminder from time to time about what us moms go through, right?

Now this is a crowed hot tub! It was a very popular spot that day that was free of kids jumping near or on you or getting lots of splashes. Those lucky members in the tub are: Joshua, Colby, Todd, Addison, Aunt Rhesa, Uncle Larry, and I think that is Aiden's head.

Sammi and her cousin Carter. They are two peas in a pod and she asked me daily when she found out they were coming to TX from VA, about how many more days until she could see Carter. I couldn't wait for them to get here either, but now I don't have to answer that question everyday!

Here is Joshua....love the goggles!

Colby flying in the air after Uncle Rudy tossed him. He is really good at throwing kids. Ok, that sounded horrible! You know what I mean. Colby was tossed in the air so many times that I was expecting him to throw up. I would have!

Flash forward to Monday. I took Sammi and Joshua to the children's museum at the Science Place in Dallas with Julie, Rudy, and their kids. It was awesome! If you have not taken your kids there, I highly recommend it! Jason and I then went to see Nine Inch Nails in concert that night. They are by far in my top 5 of bands. I was so excited to see them! I think this was my fourth or fifth time to see them. We went with our friends Dustin and Tim. It was such a great show...words can't describe the sets they had.

Ah, the beautiful Trent Reznor singing below. That man is HOT!

This week we are looking forward to some fun events with the kids before Sammi starts Kindergarten on Monday. We find out on Thursday who her teacher is and if she will be in AM or PM class. I know, half day kindergarten. Yuck! She was excited to get to eat in a cafeteria. I had to crush her precious heart and tell her that she won't get to until the 1st grade. You would have thought that I broke it to her about Santa not being real! She was that upset. So this week, we are having her back to going to bed early. Since I have been home, bedtime for her has been 9 or 10! She sleeps in now, so it didn't seem so bad to have her go to bed late. Plus, that gave me one on one time with her after Joshua went to bed. She got at least 1 hour of peace without him harrassing her. :)

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