Sunday, September 28, 2008

BUSY Weekend

Whew, I am exhausted from this weekend! Saturday was one of those days where everything seemed to fall on the same day.

Saturday, we started the day off at a birthday party at 10:30. It was at a miniature train station, and it was so fun! Problem was, Sammi had a soccer game and wouldn't be able to stay for much of the party. So Jason and Sammi left early while Joshua and I rode the train with everyone and had so much fun! Needless to say, we had a pouting 5 year old on our hands who was not too thrilled that she did not get to ride the train too. I think the only thing that made her smile were the guests asking her about her cute soccer outfit she was wearing.

Joshua and another little boy thought the horn was a little "too loud", as he told me over and over. We have riden this train many times, and it is always so fun! I wish I thought about having Joshua's train party here when he turned 2. Oh well!

Joshua and I got to Sammi's game late, then we came home in time for Joshua to have a quick nap while Sammi and I bathed and changed clothes to get the outside sweat and stink off of us before birthday party #2 for the day. This party was for Addison, who turned two, that was at the Little Gym. Thankfully it was at a place full of action so that I could not sit still and realize how tired I was. Jason sat back, watched, and took pictures while I ran between both kids, helping them swing over a bar, walk on the balance beam, or jump on the mats. icing is always fun to show off!

After the party, we dashed home, took a power nap, changed clothes for the 3rd time, took the kids to a friend's house, then Jason and I went to dinner with his cousins Marcia, Angela, Donna, their spouses, and other friends. As always, we had a great time with them!

We went back to our friend's house to get the kids. They were still up at 10:30 just playing and playing. Their son is a little older than Joshua and they play so well together. Sammi had had enough of the boys and fell asleep watching a movie. The boys were still playing, so the adults played Rock Band for a couple of hours. The boys finally crashed watching a movie, then we hauled our sleeping kids home.

So, that was our Saturday! It was full of fun, but thankfully, we do not have crazy-packed days like that every weekend. Today we just rested and watched the Cowboys lose to the Redskins. Ugh! It was awful! I can't stand the Redskins (not as much as the Eagles!), so it was a tough loss for me. Some of you may have heard me screaming at the TV....yes, I am a passionate Cowboy fan and get pretty reved up during the games.

These pics are just random from the past week or so.

My son really needs to get to the dentist!
Sammi was dying for a tea party after school the other day. What you can't see is me dripping in her jewels. I looked simply fabulous, sorry I didn't get a picture of it. Ha! But naturally, Joshua had to be in the middle of it. Sammi wasn't very happy about it, but after a chat I had with her about including him, she ended up pouring him some tea and even shared her muffins. Thanks to April for the much used Disney princess tea set! She gave it to Sammi when Joshua was born as a new Big Sister gift.
Friday, Sammi's class took a field trip to a fire station down the street. I volunteered to help walk the kids to and from the fire station. I always wished I could volunteer for things like that when I was working, so I am taking full advantage of that while I am home. It was fun and was even my first time inside a fire station! I think I was more excited than a few of the kids. The kids were surprisingly well behaved while we walked there. I really thought it would be as hard as hearding cats. :)

Sammi and her friend Tierney inside the fire truck. She loved telling the fire fighters how her Grandpa was a fireman.

The other day, Sammi asked me to get for her a towel, sunglasses, book, and her umbrella. Naturally, I was a little skeptical as to why. She was insistent on just trusting her and letting her have them outside and said she would let me know when she was ready to show me what she was up to. When she was ready, I came outside to see this....where on earth did she get that?? I cracked up, then I thought, what a great idea! :)

This is what you get when Daddy takes the kids to the doughnut shop without Mommy....doughnuts with red icing! What the??? Sometimes I learn through him that I just need to relax more and let kids be messy. I did, and got a great picture from it. Thanks Jason!

Joshua on the soccer sidelines playing with his own soccer ball. We have had to chase him off the field a few times!

My three favorite people after a game.

Ok, I know what you are thinking....when did the Cantrell kids join a gang? Sadly, this was my failed attempt at tying bandanas on their heads to look like pirates. I know, this is pathetic! Instead, they looked like gang members...poses and all. All that is missing are them throwing their gang signs. Don't they look tough? Ha! Man, I crack myself up.


Marcia said...

Girl you had a CRAZY weekend!! WOW Love all the pic! I love Sammi's idea outside!! I want to come over and do that too!! Thank yall so much for coming to hang with us for a large part of your Sat.!!!

Jodi said...

Wow! You HAVE been busy!!! I am quite jealous of the adult-cousin hangout. :) And little Sammi is a GENIUS with her outdoor lounging!! Too funny!

Emily said...

oh they are so hard core! James has his own little "sign" he flashes, thinks he's so cool. Don't know where that came from!

Crazy busy!! But sounds fun! :) Love seeing the pics!!


Darling729 said...

Whew! Your weekend exhausts me!!