Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'll Miss You Josh!

I am sure the title of this post caught your attention. I struggled to find the right words for the title of this post....there were many typed and many that were deleted. I finally thought to put down what I am thinking most, which is how much I will miss my dear friend, Josh Harris, for the next year.
Josh is leaving this Sunday for Afghanistan for a year. We have known for several months that he is leaving, and here it is. For those of you loyal readers (ha!) that don't know him, he is one of Jason's closest, best friends. In fact, I met Josh the exact same time I met Jason my sophomore year in college. He and Jason were on the porch of my dorm when they both came up to me to sign their pledge book for their fraternity. He is like family to me. My kids even call him Uncle Josh. And yes, he is partially who we named Joshua after. He is definitely one of my closest guy friends....I have been known to call him to get the "guys perspective" on a few things. :)
It just saddens me to not get to see him for a year. A year! My heart just goes out to his wife Denise, who is a dear friend of mine. I cannot imagine what she is going through right now, probably trying to savor every moment with him before he leaves. Jason and I got the chance to see them both on Wednesday. Denise said what makes her sad are thinking about him not being around for the holidays, birthdays, etc. Their son Cole will be 2 in December.
Having Jason and his previous experience in the Army has taught me so much. I have many friends and family that have been in the military or currently are serving, but having Jason to ask questions to helps so much. I was so naive about military life and issues before I met him. I always have, but through him, I have so much respect for those that currently serve and have served in the military. It takes a special person to sign up to protect our freedom, and I am so glad we have those individuals. Talk about brave people! It angers me that so many Americans take our freedom for granted and are so wrapped up with their own views of the war and forget about our soldiers risking their lives for us. Don't get me wrong, we can have our opinions on whether we should be in war or not. But even if you are against the war, support the men and women that are fighting for us! People forget that part and I get so sick and tired of hearing the actors speak their opinions....just shut up and do what you are paid to do....make movies or TV shows! Really!
Sorry, I get really fired up over people like that. I tear up during the National Anthem every time it is played. I am proud to have our flag waving outside of our house, year round. Don't just hang it up for the 4th of July or 9/11. Have it out everyday and be proud. This Sunday I will be wrapping a yellow ribbon around our tree and it will stay there until Josh is home next year. If you ever see military personnel in their uniforms, just say "thank you". I see a lot in the airport and love to say that. When I first saw anyone in the military at the airport, I wanted to shake their hand and gush about how proud I am of them. I told that to Jason after the war first started and he told me to just simply say "thank you". He said "we know why we are in the miltary and we just want to do our job. So just say thank you" So I do. And I hope and wish others will do the same.
I didn't intend for this blog to go on and on about my views about the military, so I will close this with a few pics I took Wednesday of my dear friend Josh. In a few months when I get his address, I will post this in hopes that my friends and family will send him letters. That is something that really keeps them energized and upbeat, even if they don't know the sender. Please keep Josh and his wife Denise in your prayers!

This picture came out kind of dark for some reason. I call Jason and Josh brothers that were separated at birth, they are so much alike it is scary!

Josh and his wonderful wife, Denise

I went through old pictures to find more of Josh to post...too bad I don't have a scanner to get some from our college days. I found this of them on the day of Jason's graduation.

And this one of the two Josh's right after Joshua was born. It gets really confusing when we are all around on which Josh we are talking about.

I love this one of Sammi wearing Josh's kevlar helmet. She looks like someone from the movie "Spaceballs" with the huge helmet-head.

Bye Josh! We love you so much and will pray for your safety everyday. We cannot wait to see you a year from now!

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