Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Reunion

Every Labor Day weekend, we go to my step dad's family reunion. We started going when I was in college and have barely missed a reunion since. They are so fun and his family is incredibly warm and welcoming. It all started with the families from 5 Rodriguez brother's (my step dad's granddad) over 35 years ago. It is an amazing reunion to attend! Full of games, kids activities, tons of food, catching up, and just enjoying every one's company. It was held at Lake Murray, OK this year and it was great! Cabins with A/C makes everyone happy! There is always at least 150-200 people in attendance. They are all wonderful people and I am glad that we "married" into their family.
Here is Sammi taking a hard hit at the pinata. Joshua was in line to take his turn, but chickened out at the last minute.
Joshua and Sammi playing a game together....ha! More like Joshua annoying Sammi to no end by running onto the board and grabbing the bean bags and running off with them. Then we had to hear her say "Joooooooosssssshhhhhh!!!!!!" That's my boy! Pushing his sister's buttons is what he loves to do.

Inside our cabin, Joshua kept putting this box on his head, running around, the getting in it. Once in it, he would pop his head out and say "I inna box!"
My precious Sammi

Jason played in the horseshoe competition, like he does every year. He and his team mate came in 2nd. Don't ya love his Indiana Jones hat? He calls it that and doesn't care that most thinks he looks like a dork. I actually admire that in him, not caring what people think.

During the horseshoe games that Sammi said was soooooo boring, she played in the dirt with her Polly Pockets.

For the children's crafts, they were able to decorate a foam visor. She made a huge mess writing her name with glitter glue, but she loved it and that is all that mattered!

They also got to make a bracelet with trendsetter turned it into a choker. I thought it looked great! They also got to make a flower with a tootsie roll lollipop (that she is showing below).

While Jason played in the golf tournament (I know, you are so shocked!), my mom and I took the kids to the pool. Over and over Joshua wanted to get out of the pool to jump into my arms. He kept saying "I wanna shump!". Cracked us up hearing him say "shump" instead of "jump".
Sammi took this of me with my mom. I thought it turned out great!

She also took this one of us....not too shabby!

Joshua with his "Wito", aka Lito.

It was pretty hot and my ever so smart mom brought hand fans for us. Sammi wanted to fan her daddy which I thought was adorable. All that was missing was someone to feed him grapes!

My beautiful boy. The hot, humid air makes his hair curl up so well!
I hope all of you had a wonderful Labor Day!


Marcia said...

AWE such great pics of everyone! If that is your new camera it takes great pictures! Yalls kids are too darn cute!!! Our Labor Day was SOOO boring!

Jodi said...

All I can say is FUN! Man, a family reunion with STYLE... even crafts for kids?!?! Amazing

Emily said...

how fun to see these pics! I've heard about it forever. :) Man, my kids would be lovin all the crafts! Looks like it Lito and Lita were lovin it too....