Monday, September 15, 2008

Queen For A Day

Today at school, Sammi was Queen For A Day. Each day for the first few weeks, each student in her class gets to bring 3-4 items that represents what she likes, enjoys doing, or cares about. Each item had to be small to fit in a small bag. When we found out her day was coming up, we talked about what she should put in the bag that will represent her. This took awhile, but she eventually came up with these things:
- golf ball because she likes to hit golf balls with her own putter with her daddy
- soccer ball (it came with a Build a Bear) because she loves to play soccer
- ring because she likes to play dress up
- pink Power Ranger because she loves to watch the show and play with them
If we could have found a tiny computer to put in the bag, we would have included that. That girl will play on the computer all day if we let her! She is just like her dad. :) Below is a picture of her after school with the crown she wore today. She got to do special things with the teacher since it was her day. She loved it!

I had to include some other pictures from this weekend. We didn't get the rain and winds that was predicted from Hurricane Ike, but we did get a nice steady rain all day. We needed it! So Saturday the kids played outside in their swim suits (it got cold, so Joshua wore a shirt too). They had so much fun! The fun ended when Sammi slipped off the monkey bars and landed on the swing. We all know how much that hurts!

Jason keeps a bucket under the gutter to collect the rain water to put in the flower beds. Well, the kids decided to dump it out, which caused a mud puddle. They had the best time splashing in it.

I love this picture of Joshua. It was raining real lightly and I caught him sitting like this, just staring out at the yard. It is rare for him to sit still like this and he looked so cute!

After we dried them off and changed clothes, they wanted to watch a movie in our bed. That is a huge treat for them and they love it! I love them lying in our bed with their own special blankets (my mom knitted both when I was pregnant with each) and their own sippy cups. They were in heaven!

This was taken today....Joshua double-fisting his juice boxes. Hilarious!

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Darling729 said...

Awww. Love hearing about all the fun kindergarten experiences!! Thanks for sharin!