Monday, September 8, 2008

Sammi's Soccer Game

Sammi's first soccer game for the fall season was on Saturday. Thankfully, the weather was nice! This season her team is Team Dazzle. She did not like the hot pink color, but I did! She loves her new team and coach, and so do we! Last season we had a bad parent on our team that didn't make us enjoy the games very much. She was one of those that yelled at other kids if they missed the ball, didn't go for it, etc. They are 5!! She really made my blood boil, but I am not good at confronting others if I have to see them again when they are wrong. I know, I need to work on that! Now if it is a stranger, I have no problem!
She was so excited to start her first game, which was a huge change from last season. Her granddad, grandmommy, and pappy were all there to cheer her on!

That girl is fast! Maybe a future track star too? Not bragging, but she leads the pack the majority of the game. She loves to run!
She will kill me when she is older knowing I put this up, but it was so funny! It was her turn to kick the ball to start the game. I had my camera ready to get the shot of when her foot hit the ball...only she kicked and missed! I was so ready that I got the slip-up. :)

She is #4.
Joshua and Daddy having fun. I think this was the first game that we did not have to chase him off of the field!

Me kissing my soccer star after the game.

Daddy and his girl.


Monkey said...

Our future Mia Hamm baby! That's my niece! Uncle Greggy is very proud of her. Hope to catch a game this season. Will she play the weekend of Dad's surgery?

Marcia said...

WOW so cute! She looks great in HOT pink!! Let us know a game... i am sure Colby would love to come watch her play!

Emily said...

that is so funny!!! She's adorable! So cute to see them at these sports. And I know it's more fun for you and Jason with Joshua not being AS crazy! :)