Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Day

Yesterday marked Jason's 7th Father's Day. Over the weekend I heard friends talk about what they got their husband's for Father's Day. It ranged from big to small. Then I checked the blogs that I follow last night and I read about some really creative, neat things that was done for their dad's or husbands. We had plans to be in Tyler for his fraternity reunion (post to follow this week), so I was not sure how to plan Father's Day since I did not know when we would be home. But that is no excuse for me not getting him a gift from me! I feel absolutely terrible!

He was in NM and most of West TX all of last week so you would have thought I would have had plenty of time to have the kids make him something, right? Wrong! I had full intentions to have them make our annual stepping stone with their footprints, but I never got around to it. Lazy after work? Yes!

Thankfully, the kid's daycare is not as lazy as I am and had them make things for their dad. Joshua's class had Doughnuts with Dad on Friday, but Jason was driving back from NM and missed it. I didn't have the heart to tell him about it either, it would have crushed him. He did make him a t-shirt in class that was adorable with his hands all over it and said "Hands Down, The Best Dad". He loved it. Sammi made him a great card.

I am just typing this post and hating myself with every keystroke. Why didn't I finish the photo book I was making him online? Why didn't I at least get him a new golf hat? Or a set of his favorite golf balls? Or new cologne? Something!! I honestly don't have an answer, other than I was lazy, I guess. Thankfully I have a husband with no expectations, but still, he had to notice I didn't get him anything.

What I did do when we finally got home yesterday at 5:00 pm is dash off to the grocery store with the kids and left him alone to watch more of the US Open alone. I rushed back and cooked him one of his favorite meals that I never make and even got his favorite ice cream. I was trying!! As he was finishing watching the Open, I kept the kids quiet (or tried my best to!) so he could fully watch it. That was really all he said he wanted to do that day is watch the US Open. So it was my mission to let him!

He thanked me a lot for cooking for him. But I still felt bad that he didn't have a present to open from me. I did get him cards, but that isn't enough. My plan this week is to finally finish the photo book. I have already sorted through all of the kids pictures and picked a lot of just him with the kids. Now I need to place them in the order I want them and add the wording. That is the part that I got stuck on. No more excuses, it is time to finish it!

Ok, I feel better for getting that out there and it is in writing, so there is no going back on my word! Now I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures of Jason with our kids.


Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Alli! Don't beat yourself up! I think we (as women) put a lot more hype into these types of holidays then men do. We expect a big fuss...when really, all they want is to be left alone!

Besides, now you can surprise him out of the blue with a fabulous photo book!!


Angie S said...

I agree with Becca!! Don't beat yourself up! Men are wired differently than us ladies. They just need food, TV and sports! I'm sure he was in hog heaven just relaxing yesterday! You are a great mom and wife, and a busy one at that!

Lisa Marie said...

I didnt even get mine a card! (Feeling horrible too) Our day turned out to be a horrible day though, I will probably have to have a re-do.

Jennifer said...

You did ok! I didn't get mine even a card either... but I told him happy father's day how'd you like your new iPhone I got you. Lame!

Monkey said...

Alli, we didn't do much either. This day is about remembering our Daddy's not, what is the coolest thing we can get for them. I think the meal was perfect! Just being together is the best gift a Dad could ask made him a great Father's Day!!

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Hey- I love the new look to the blog....just dropping by to see if I had missed a post.... :))


Shawn said...

What a beautiful family!

There's just something magical about a Daddy with his kids! I fall in love all over agin while watching them together!