Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Banning Tap Water

Thanks to you all who commented on yesterday's post about my Ticked Off Tuesday. For you who didn't, shame on you! Don't you know me well enough by now to know how much I love, no, feed off comments left for me to read? Really, they are what keep me going and wanting to post. Call it needing attention, but it is what it is. I LOVE COMMENTS!! So comment all you like. Heck, leave several comments on the same post. Just make me feel loved.
After picking up my kids yesterday, I met Jason at a friend's house. My kids played with their kid, the men played Rock Band, and Jenn and I just sat on the couch talking. That is until she felt the need to abandon me and play too. Kidding, Jennifer! But it was just what I needed to decompress after my day. And it really wasn't that bad of a day. Little things were just rubbing me wrong that normally wouldn't. Oh well, we are all allowed days like that here and there, aren't we? If not, I hereby grant us all permission to have them.
I am starting a new rule for me: only drink bottled water. Want to know why only bottled as opposed to tap? Because I am getting surrounded by pregnant friends! I swear it's in the water and I don't need to drink it because I am quite content with my two loving rug rats. Everywhere I turn I have someone else telling me they are pregnant. I love news like that. It is an amazing blessing. And there are several friends that are now pregnant that I have been praying for. Friends that have had miscarriages but are now in their 2nd and 3rd trimester with healthy babies, friends that have struggled with infertility and are now pregnant. Some I am still praying for and know that God will soon bless them.
My friend Rebecca has a 2 week old baby boy, Ian. She has a great blog that she has been updating with the joys (ha!) of having a newborn. Reading about the sleepless nights, learning what cry means what, nursing, fussy evenings, etc makes me remember the worst part of having a baby. Thankfully, it doesn't last long. Although when you are a walking zombie from the lack of sleep, it feels endless. But the quiet times when you are loving on the baby, when they are scrunched up in a ball lying on your shoulder, watching them sleep, and just the way newborns smell makes me miss mine when they were babies.
Call me crazy, but I also loved being pregnant. Nausea, heartburn, charlie horses, and swollen legs aside, I loved having a growing baby in my belly. I loved rubbing my belly, resting my hands on top of my huge belly when I was sitting, having Jason's hand on my belly to feel the kicks, him talking to the baby through my belly, not having to deal with wearing belts or having body image issues...I miss all of that! I even loved having people touch my belly. I have friends that hated it, not me.
That's it, I'm done typing. Now my friends, leave me a comment to make me feel loved!


Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Even though I am bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

I actually got Daddy to take care of his evening fussiness while I snuck off to read some blogs! We had a busy day with Ian's first trip to our favorite restaurant, Chuy's!! Hope he can deal with the jalapano dip tonight!!!

Jennifer said...

I loved being pregnant too! And I was like you I didn't mind people touching my stomach unless of course it was a stranger! I agree about the tap water, I'm happy with my one. BUT, I am so happy for your friends. that is awesome!!! It is absolutely the greatest gift. Sometimes it is hard to remember that but that like you said never last that long.

Angie S said...

Holy Moly I am super happy with my 2 kiddos. Gary and I have a motto...we don't want to be out least we can each take one and handle them one on one! And pregnancy...aghhh! Layla was great, but Hayden was a tough boy to carry. Must be all that testosterone! I don't think I want to find out about a third! Glad your Wednesday was better than your Tuesday!

Monkey said...

I'm happy with the 3 I have as well!

But Alli, don't fool yourself, you know you secretly want twins, maybe triplets!! Ha, ha! Remember how much I freaked you out when you were pregnant with Josh and wondered if he could be twins...good times!!

Love ya!!

Jodi said...

I cannot say I loved being pregnant. There were certainly PARTS of pregnancy I loved and that I miss, but man... the whole thing combined was a whippin for me!! Not for Jodi, no sir. If God wants us to have more children, I hope they land on my doorstep. As for you, GO FOR IT! :) Drink the water!! :)

becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

By the way- I love comments, just like you. So i am leaving you another one to let you know that I have an adorable sleepin baby in my arms who is letting me read my favorite blogs after keepin me up all night!!!

happy weekend!!


Emily said...

I'm excited to not be pregnant again! But I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks. Please don't remind me of the newborn hoorribleness....... it's all roses and sunshine, right?!

Marcia said...

Awe... I hear ya! NO water for me PLEASE I am with you about being very content with 2… I agree that you have 2 pretty awesome rug rats!