Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ticked Off Tuesday

Why am I ticked off? I truly don't know. And that is what is bothering me. I woke up just annoyed and mad this morning....and it has gotten progressively worse.
Maybe it is the fact that I was awakened by thunder at 4 am? Then I remembered that Jason left out some power tools from working on our fence that our horrible neighbor dogs have destroyed. So outside I went in the dark to get them. I was annoyed that I had to be the one to drag in HIS tools. But me being the one to get them was my fault...I didn't want to wake him up.
Maybe it is the fact that I have a coworker that seems to think I am a complete moron who needs to be mothered and told how to do my job?
Maybe it is the fact that my husband has been suffering with a case of male-PMS since Sunday?
Maybe it is the fact that I am just flat-out sleepy?
Maybe it is the fact that our darn money tree in our yard doesn't seem to be sprouting dollar bills?
Anywho, I try to be a positive person who always finds the bright side. So I had to step back and figure out what was irking me so much!
I feel better just typing this out...thanks for "listening"!


Jodi said...

GIRL... what is it about today?!?!? I am having a ticked off Tues as well!! Maybe it is because I woke up with mastitis, a fever, and a husband who didn't feel a lick of sympathy?! Yep, that's it. But guess what... I went to the grocery store and the check out lady gave me a dozen red roses FOR FREE! For no reason! Said looked like a new mom needed them! Awesome. :)

Hope you get some "roses" of some sort to make your day better!!! :)

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

Well, maybe it is the fertilizer you are using on that $$$ tree- ours seems to be growing like a weed!!! :)))

I have days like that too- just go play with your kiddos as soon as you get home & order a pizza for dinner so you don't have to cook.

Hope it gets better girlfriend!!!!


Angie S said...

Sorry about your icky day. I hope it gets better! I have had those days too...I call them 'stick your head in the oven days' LOL!!

Jennifer said...

as you know my horrible day was yesterday... I'm glad your day got better...

Monkey said...

Sorry about the crappy day! I hate days like that. They start off crappy and end crappy. Hope it's getting better.

As for the co=worker, just remind her you already have a mother!

Wish I had read this earlier, when I had my two margaritas Tues. night toasting the kids' last day of school, I would've toasted you!

Emily said...

you are totally allowed to have feelings, Allison! :) Sounds like more than enough for a bad day for me. It's always nice to know that tomorrow is a new day and we can just pray it's better! (((hugs))) Emily

Marcia said...

Love you Alli!! (sorry I am so behind in my reading....