Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day at the Christmas Tree Farm

My most favorite Christmas tradition is by far going to a tree farm and cutting down our own Christmas tree. I grew up doing this every year, the day after Thanksgiving. Some years other families came with us, some years it was just us. I loved the hunt of it all. Walking and walking until we found just the right tree. The right height. The right girth. When I was young, I made up games to play with other kids that came with us. After my parents divorced, my mom still took my sister and I to get a tree. That was mainly my dad's tradition, but it spoke volumes to us that my mom still continued it for us. My mom has probably over 15 years worth of pictures of the family standing in front of the tree we picked, or of just me and Meredith. I love looking back and looking at the clothes that were in style at the time, my horrible make up and hair that I thought looked good. You know, laughing at ourselves.

When Jason and I were dating and I had my own apartment, even he got into my tradition and went with me to find a tree. Since then we have continued carrying on that beloved tradition.
This is the first year when Sammi was 1 1/2 months old. Gosh, I look really tired and I didn't even do my, I don't miss the days of having a newborn!
This is my most favorite picture of Jason with Sammi. She was 2 then.

Ah, here I am HUGE and pregnant with Joshua. I still had 2 months before having him and look how big I was! Sheesh! I love Sammi with pigtails. She was 3.

The next year with Sammi (4) and Joshua (10 months). It must have been warm from the looks of what we were wearing.

That was a fun trip down memory lane! I couldn't find 2003 and 2007. Hmmm....BUT, here is this year's trip. We go to a place in Lindale and just love it. This year they painted several bales of hay. The kids loved it, but Joshua was being his usual self (a toot!) and didn't want to be in the picture. As always, Sammi obliged.

My two favorite men, besides my dad, on the hayride. I love Jason's random "shout outs" to Nascar and his fraternity from over 10 years ago. Joshua was mad that he couldn't ride the big tractor that pulled us.

It was super windy that day. I think this picture was take 5 because my hair kept getting in my face.
A Sammi-sized tree. She really wanted this to put in her bedroom.
Kudos to Jason for volunteering to take pictures of me and the kids. He must have really listened a few months ago when I whined about never being in the pictures because I'm always the one taking them.
No, this is not the tree we bought. Can you imagine having a house big enough for this to fit in?
Now this is more like it. A perfect 10 foot tree, just for us! By the time we found this, the kids were whining about walking so much or getting stickers in their socks.
Jason showing off his master tree cutting skillz.

Dragging the tree to get picked up.

Waiting for the tractor to pick us and the tree up.

They had a small campfire set up. Joshua immediately took to his Alpha Male tendencies to poke at the fire with a stick.

This picture is showing Sammi not being happy that we were telling her it was time to go. Yep, she threw a mini-tantrum.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season!


Darling729 said...

Such a sweet tradition! We gave up on the real tree years ago and now have a plug in artificial that does the job!

Hope you are well!

Jodi said...

Oh how fun!!! I am kinda jealous... real trees make me sick (allergies), so we never have one. Just the same fake from year to year. Which is fine, but your tradition looks so fun and memorable!