Sunday, December 14, 2008

So Tired....

I was nicely kicked out of my house last night to make room for a guys-only poker night. I packed the kids and headed to my friend Jennifer's house. Her son is between Sammi and Josh in age and they play together amazingly...minus the scuffles over a toy that someone is not ready to share. It is usually my son that is the instigator. :) Anyways, us girls watched some movies while the kids played. I took us all home around 11. Sammi left to go to another room much earlier to go to sleep. I love that in her. When she is ready to go to sleep, she just does it. I'm the same way. She could be watching her favorite movie and when she is tired, she will just close her eyes and drift off to slumber-land.

Anyways, when I got home, 6 guys were left still playing poker. I was pleased to find out that my honey won! I got my second wind and ended up staying up with them until past 2 am! I don't know the first thing about playing poker, but I had fun watching. I wound up being the official cutter of the deck. Hey, it gave me some way to be involved in the game.

My early bird was up at 6:00 am! What the??? That kid did not go to sleep until 11:30 last night and he was the reason why I left Jennifer's house so that he would go to sleep. He never sleeps at their house. He and her son Aidan will play and play. So I managed to eek in about 4 hours of sleep (at best), then we headed to church. First time I almost fell asleep there. We get home and I am seriously a walking zombie. I had flashbacks of how it was having a newborn baby and functioning on very little sleep. You know you are super tired when you give your kids a horrible, thrown together lunch that did not have all major food groups. It was bad. I don't even want to put in writing what I gave them! All I could think about was going to take a nap when Joshua does. I even didn't want to get up off the couch when Sammi asked so nicely for me to get her some strawberries. Pathetic!

So please, dear friends, comment to this post and help make me feel better by telling me you have been in this position: so tired you just don't want to be mommy or anything other than sleeping!

And yes, I am blogging right now instead of napping. :)

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Meredith Dean said...

Been there, done that! heck, I'm sick today, so I just let the kids raid the pantry. All I asked was for one healthy snack. They asked if fruit snacks counted. Gotta love kids. Those are also the days that you make popcorn or cereal!

Alli, you're not alone!!!