Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Away From It All!

I know, this is a week late, but hey it has been a crazy week! The weekend before Thanksgiving, I went on a scrapbook retreat with my two favorite scrap booking buddies to an amazing place in Temple. We left at 1 on Thursday and didn't look back until we had to sadly leave on Sunday.

If you scrapbook, this is the way to do it: go to a place that caters to scrap booking with tables, lighting, food, and a great place to sleep. I go twice a year and it always comes at the most perfect time when I need a good break. This time around proved that theory well again.

My two friends that went already read all or most of the Twilight series books and we were there the day the movie Twilight opened. I have not read them but was game to go see a movie since that event is rare in my life. It was a really good movie! Since we were in Temple, we did not have a crowd to contend with on opening day. In fact, we thought we were stuck in Bizzar-o World because it was like we were sitting in the middle of a day care. There were so many small kids there! Really. One scene was scary for them so we had to deal with crying kids and hearing their parents huff off to take them outside. That was really annoying. But now I am ready to read those books!

I got a lot of pages done (over 35!), laughed a lot with my friends, relaxed, slept in, and ate a ton. All of our meals were cooked for us. I hate trying to figure out what to cook for lunch and dinner so I loved not having to think about that. And the food was good! There was also a goodie table, so we probably ate something once an hour. I got home and my favorite jeans were a tad snug. Ugh!

The bonus for me was coming home to happy kids and a happy husband. Jason had to deal with taking both kids to Sammi's soccer game, which I found out was the one event over the weekend where he thought "I really need Alli here". Hearing that made me smile and laugh inside. BUT, he managed to do laundry AND put them away (this chore seems to fall on my shoulders) and changed the oil in my car. I told him I am going to go away like that more often! I missed them, but I did not miss changing diapers, filling sippy cups, cooking, and cleaning for 3 1/2 days.

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