Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Fun

I must start this post by saying that Blogger is frustrating me!! The picture upload is not working, so I could not put up all of the pictures. Did I just hear someone cheer and say "Yea!!". How dare you. :) Never you fret, I will keep trying and put them up on another post....they are from Sammi's school event, Doughnuts With Santa.
Last Friday night we headed up to Keller's Holly Days. It was freaking cold and we almost didn't make it. That and the parking was awful! But we got there in the nick of time to see the parade and the kids loved it. Their favorite was not Santa, but the horses with lights on them. A few pooped in front of us and made mine and other kids around us laugh and constantly point at it. Why do kids find poop and talking about it so funny?
Like Jason's gloves? He could not find them and was forced to wear his Craftsman gloves that are meant to wear when working on an engine. But hey, they kept his hands more warm than not wearing anything at all! That reminds me, I should get him some for Christmas.
The kids waving at Santa.

Other than fighting with Joshua to keep his mittens on his hands, it was fun! Sammi pouted on the way back to the car because she did not get to see Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. That and she didn't get to go down the snow hill. The lines were incredibly long and it was way too cold to wait that long. Sorry sweetie!

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Monkey said...

How fun! Looks like the kids had a good time!