Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Feel Good Day

I had a moment of clarity today that I just had to write about.
A few weeks ago I decided that I should start going through my kids toys to make room for what was to come at Christmas. It's amazing to see what all is buried at the bottom of their toy box or stuffed in their closet. So many toys not being used. Some good enough to resell on Craig's List. So I got several big items, cleaned them up, and posted them on Craig's List. A few bites, but no one serious to come and pick it up. Annoying since I marked them cheap! I re posted them again and was griping to Jason about how I don't know why they aren't selling, excellent condition, good price, blah blah blah.
Last night Jason was up at the American Legion (location for military peeps to hang out) to help with something when one of the members was telling him about how they adopted a family this year and no one was giving anything for the family. She goes to explain that it is actually one large family with 3 families combined. Several kids under the age of 3, disabled parents, etc. They were not going to be getting anything for Christmas. That just isn't right and breaks my heart to hear that. Jason came home to tell me about their situation and how we should give to them what I have been trying to sell. Ding ding! What a great idea! I talked to Samantha about what it means to give and how some children aren't as fortunate as she is and might not have any toys for them on Christmas. I teared up just telling her about it. She then went back to her room to get more toys she thought we should give them.
This afternoon I got everything together, went through their toys again and loaded up Jason's truck to deliver all of the toys. They mentioned that clothes were needed too and I have friends that I normally give the hand me downs to. Not this time, I took the bags of clothes as well and we drove it to the Legion after we had Santa pictures tonight. When we came in with all of the bags of toys and clothes, the people there were astonished at how much we brought. Many thank yous were given.
That was the best feeling ever, knowing that we will help make several children smile on Christmas.
Oh, I sold Samantha's play kitchen a few weeks ago and accidentally under priced it. But it was too late, I couldn't go back and delete it or lie to the people that were wanting to purchase it. I mean, I under priced it BIG TIME, by at least $35 less than what I should have asked. I don't know what I was thinking when I typed in the asking price. When the man came to pick it up, I asked if it was going to be used for a Christmas present. He said that his brother lost his wife to cancer a few months ago and they had adopted 6 young foster kids before she was diagnosed last year and how he doesn't have enough money to give all 6 kids a really good gift, but now one 3 year old was. Uh, that sealed it right there. I did the right thing and it doesn't always have to be about money.
I hope all of you get the chance to know what it feels like to help someone else in need. It is a wonderful feeling!


Meredith said...

Wow, what an incredible day! It's nice to be able to help people and what a blessing that you can!

Momma Monkey said...

Oh, my, that was tissue story. I couldn't be prouder of you all! Just what Christmas is all about.Hugs to you! a real feel-good story, thanks!

Marcia said...

Wow... that was a very touching post!!

Jodi said...

LOVE that post. What an amazing thing to get to be Jesus to several families!!! AND teach your sweet kiddos about such important lessons that most adults don't even get. Yay for that. LOVE YOU!

Emily said...

what awesome stories!!! It's such an awesome feeling to be able to bless others. And to teach that to your kids is even better, right?! And hard b/c it's a hard concept to grasp--for some! James didn't like the idea that we were buying legos for someone besides him that we didn't even know (angel tree). But then he got over it and actually got excited, so that was cool. Anyway, just wanted to say I loved reading your stories! I'm sure I read them a while back but never get to comment! (((hugs))) Emily