Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad Coke Addiction

I should have put a better title because I am sure you all thought, "Is she talking about drugs?" No, my addiction to Coca Cola. I just never call it that.

I am trying REALLY, REALLY hard to kick my nasty habit. It isn't a huge habit, but a 1 coke a day habit. One coke too many. I am trying to work on losing the weight I gained (8 pounds!) over the holidays and I still have more than just those 8. I am constantly thinking about my food intake, what I'm eating, how much, etc. I don't always eat horrible food, but I realized it is what I am drinking.

Since I have been home everday after being laid off in June, I have found that I drink a coke everyday! And what gets me is that when I was at Pfizer, we had free vending machines. Even then I did not have a coke everyday. Weird. I never bought it to have at home because I knew I would drink it more than I should and I only drank it when I would eat out. But I can actually blame something on Jason: he made the switch from Dr. Pepper to Coke. Thanks Jason! Ever since then it has been a downward spiral into a nasty addiction. I didn't have any at home for over a week, but then I found myself sneaking sips of Jason's carbinated beverage of choice. If he was out, I would send him a text to bring home a coke for me. Pathetic. Just pathetic!

I told him last night when I was on my way to the store that I was no longer buying cokes, so if he wanted one, he would have to buy one here and there himself and try not to bring it inside the house. Isn't that awful that I have sunk to the level that I have to ban my own husband from bringing one in the house? I do not have an addictive personality at all, but I sure do when it comes to my beloved coke!

So if any of you are my true friends and you are with me, please tell me to say no to coke if I reach for one or try to order one. I know it isn't your job to keep me from this, but I need help! :)

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Emily said...

you can do it! :) Erik said he was going soda-free for like a month or two, but decided Fridays are his day off. It was really frustrating for ME not to have soda in the fridge. Yes, I have an addiction too! Anyway, good luck!