Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Stinker

I just have to write about an experience with Joshua today before I forget the details...

I went to my dad's today to help him out around the house (he had back surgery) and naturally, had my two rug rats with me. I was upstairs in his study when I heard Josh behind me, calling from the bathroom. He was in a real fiesty mood today, so I thought he was wanting to play peek-a-boo or something like that. I got up to go see him and found the door to be locked. No big deal, I thought. It is a Jack and Jill bathroom, so I went to the other door to see him. Nope, that door was locked too. In the most calm voice I could conjure up, I said "Joshua honey, please open the door". And here is what happened:

J: I can't dooooo it!
A: Sure you can sweetie, just unlock the door the way that you locked it.
J: No mommy, it not working.
A: Buddy, try again, just the same way you locked the door.


J: Uh, I can't doooo it!
A: Josh, I'm serious. You need to unlock the door.
J: (jiggling the door knob, over and over)
A: Josh, don't move the entire door knob, just the part in the middle of it that you turn to the right (yea, I know, how many 2 year olds know their left from their right?). You can do it!
J: Uh, I caaaaaan't dooooo itttttt!!!!


A: Joshua Barton Cantrell, you CAN do it, you have to try!


(small muffling cries from Joshua)

A: I'm sorry sweetie, I don't mean to yell. Mommy is just trying REALLY hard to try and get you to unlock the door. Hold on.....SAAAAAMMMMMMIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!
S: What mom?!
A: Can you come here please? I need you to talk to Joshua through the door to keep him calm while I go get Grandad.

(lots of funny babbling between Sammi and Josh)

In the meantime, my dad comes to the rescue with keys to the door. Duh, each door had one over the trim. Sheesh, why didn't I think to put my hand up there to feel for one? :) Well, let's just say that after both my dad and I tried the key, we both had no luck. Lots of curse words flying, me telling S & J to not listen to what Granddad or mommy is saying (yeah right), me talking my dad out of NOT calling 911....really, my dad wanted to call 911 to see what they have to say. My response to my dad: call a locksmith! I love my dad, he is a smart man, but he wasn't his sharpest at this moment.

My dad calls a locksmith, she is telling him how to use the key to unlock the door. Talk about feeling like a complete and utter moron. I wanted to grab the phone out of his hands and shout at the woman "we know how to use a f&^%$ing key! It's not working! Why else would we be calling you to come over?" But I refrained...of course, I had to set an example for my kids. Ha! I kept thinking "why isn't this key working?" So I calmly kept talking to Joshua while I tried to not jab the thing into the tiniest hole and try to feel around as best as I could with it and finally, I was able to turn it to the unlock position.

All of this happened over a span of 30 minutes. I even put my head on the floor so I could see him in the bathroom. Poor thing was just sitting there crying. At one point he even cried for Jason saying "I want daaaaadddddyyyyyy". Yea, me too! I also had to calm Sammi down at one point. She kept saying "Oh, he has to get out, he has to get out! What are we going to do?"

So after all of this, if you have a door knob with a turn-thingy (it's late, I'm tired, I can't think of what it is called) and the key to unlock it is a REALLY small screw-driver-like-key, get rid of it and get one where you just push it in there and it pops it unlocked. Yes, we have that and actually had to do it when Sammi was young and it unlocked in a matter of 2 seconds.

Ok, that's my drama for the day. It wore me out! Boys.


Monkey said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this! I am so sorry you had to go through this, but I'm glad it's over! He's a little turkey! It's a good thing that boy is cute. Ah, 2 year olds!

Darling729 said...

That has happened to us too many times to count! And I was the panicking mom, not knowing about the key above the doorframe. My knight in shining armor (hubby) came & unlocked it in 3 seconds. Figures!