Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random January Pics

Today has been all a-buzz about the icy weather and people staying home from work/school. I remember when I was working how much I hoped for ice so that I could stay home with the kids. It was like a day of hooky and full of fun things to do. Not today! Samantha's school did not close for the day, so today is just like any other day for all of us. The only thing different for me is I have found myself piddling around doing random things instead of my normal day things: laundry, cleaning, job hunting. So I guess I have that to say today has been different.

I leave you with random pictures from this month.

Rub a dub dub, two kids in a tub. I was trying to make their hair look funny, but it just wasn't working. Don't you love Sammi smiling REALLY hard? Look at those neck muscles!

Last Monday I watched my friend Jennifer's son, Aidan. He and Josh love to play together. They usually play really loud, so when I noticed just a few minutes of silence, that made me curious and worried at the same time. I snuck up on them in Sammi's room playing with her tea set. Isn't that so cute?

Here the kids are at Pump It Up...gotta love that place!

Sammi doing her favorite thing at the moment...playing on the computer. Please ignore my messy desk.

Joshua doing his favorite thing....watching daddy work on whatever it is at the time. This time it was his brakes. Joshua does not like loud noises, hence the hands over his ears. He was probably saying "it's too woud daddy, it's too woud!"

Playing in the leaves...

No, I did not strategically place the leaves in her hair. She came out of the pile looking like that.

I love this picture. We were at my mom and stepdad's and Joshua went out with his Lito to take the recycling bin back to the house. He loves to help!

If you have ice in your area, stay home and stay warm!

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Marcia said...

Awe love the bath time pics!!! Your kids are so darn cute!!!