Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Build A Bear Day

Part of my kids Christmas presents from their Lito and Lita (my mom and step dad) was a trip to Build A Bear Workshop. It was a complete surprise until right before we left, and you should have seen their excitement when they found out where they were going. Getting my kids to pick an animal to stuff and stick with it was the toughest part. That really tested my patience. :)

Here, Sammi is putting the heart in her turtle she picked out.

Next is to "clean" the animal. She did this with such motherly care!

Josh really wanted to help stuff his monkey, but as you can see, he did not like the noise.
After Daddy did most of the cleaning, Josh finally jumped in to help.

Ok, I take it back. Sammi picking out an outfit for her turtle tested my patience more than anything. She went from wanting it to wear a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit, to a doctor, to a princess, and don't get me started on the mix and match section (shown below). There were so many choices! She finally settled on a cute pink and black dress and pink shoes.

Next, we named the animal and typed up their birth certificate. Josh picked Munkie (Jason was the one behind the catchy spelling) and Sammi picked Sparkles.

Josh was not in the mood for his picture to be taken. Instead, Lito had to squeeze him to stay still and we got a belly shot.

I love this picture!
Meredith and her kids with their animals. Kate picked a puppy named Blackie, Nic picked a bear named Tuck, and Will picked a Longhorn named Rex.
Meredith, the great photographer that she is took this picture. I was actually having "talk" with Joshua about minding me and not running from me while we were outside. So I guess you could say he was in trouble. But it was still a good picture. :)
After everyone built their animal, we went to an amazing pizza place that I wish was near me! Sammi and her cousin Kate....they are two peas in a pod.
Me and my brother-in-law Greg.
Jason and Greg. Jason is starting to smile with his lips closed for some reason. Guess he is trying a new look??
Me and my honey.
My mom and amazing step dad.
Meredith and my mom.
Josh is a coke-addict. He really is! We had to bribe him to be good so that he could have one. It worked!

Whew, that was a lot of pictures! It was a fun day with my family!


Monkey said...

That was such an awesome day! The kids just love their animals!!! That was one of the neatest experiences for them that they will treasure. They love telling people that they made their animals. Oh and shocker, Nic is down to one tennis ball!

Emily said...

That coke bit is hilarious!!! Gotta love a good bribe! Looks like y'all had such a fun time...... man, the choices are endless! James is like Sammi and can't hates to choose one thing. I guess he's like me b/c I hate making decisions too!

And where did Kate's hair go?! I keep meaning to ask Meredith. It looks adorable! I didn't think Kate would ever part w/ her locks!


Marcia said...

WOW... Alli you look really good!!! Love all the sweet pics of the kids!