Monday, January 5, 2009

Sad Day At The Mailbox

Last Friday, I happily walked (yes, happily. Don't you walk happily?) to the mailbox. I opened up the mailbox, grabbed the stack of mail, and as I walked back to the house I quickly thumbed through it all. Bills. Check. Credit card offers. Check. Mailers. Check. I went back through it, thinking I must have missed something. Nope, I didn't. Then it hit me....the days of getting Christmas cards are over! AAHHH!!! I didn't realize how much I enjoyed checking the mail during the holidays because of them until they came to a halt. I loved getting a few stragglers even after Christmas (I am sure some of you got mine after Christmas!).

So I went in to go through all of the wonderful Christmas cards we received. I love getting them. Love getting new pictures of friends and family's kids, family newsletters, and just knowing someone thought of us during the holiday season. Each year I have the same dilemma: what do I do with them? The thought of throwing them away makes me sick to my stomach. But where would I keep them? And if I kept them, the pile would just get so huge year after year.

I decided to spread them out and take a picture of them before I tossed them in the trash. I did this last Friday, the same day I pretty much cried over no more Christmas cards. And do you want to know where they are? Stacked on the bar in my kitchen. I just can't let them go just yet. Maybe seeing the stack makes me feel loved and somewhat popular? :)

To you that sent me a Christmas card this year: Thank you! You now know how much I truly treasure them and even agonize what to do with them after the holidays.


Darling729 said...

I put all of mine each year in a photo box. It is actually fun to look at them after a while to see how much everyone (mainly kiddos) have grown! I couldn't bear to toss them! Don't do it!!!

Alli said...

Good idea...I'll keep the picture ones. Those are the ones that hurt the most to toss!

Marcia said...

I am with ya girl! I love christmas cards too!! I always pack them away with the stocking and look at them the next year! I dont mind tossing them if they are a year old.

Jodi said...

NEVER FEAR!!!!! The Beavers, for hopefully obvious reasons, just sent theirs out! So, keep looking! :)

Monkey said...

If people sent me a pic, then I cut the picture part out and put them in a photo album. Kathie saves the cards and uses the fronts of them for presents and writes the names on them. Very Martha of her!

Oh, and you BETTER NOT throw mine away!

By the way, the kids pics are on my fridge. Yes, you made it to the hall of fame!

Emily said...

Oh I hear ya! We did a good thing this year and put pics on a wall in the kitchen that's normally bare. All the people that sent us one. It's nice to look at!

I hate throwing away cards. I have stacks. It's one thing I hord. How do you spell that?? :) Well, I toss some of them!