Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Anniversary Getaway

On January 9th, Jason and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I am still in shock that I have been married 10 years. Where did the time go? I feel blessed, honored, humbled, elated, and so many other emotions that I have spent 10 years with Jason as a married couple. I look back to when we got married and we were just babies! Although I did not think that I was at the time. :) I think about all we have been through together and I just amazes me. Marriage is not easy and I am not the one to make you think that everyday is just bliss. It is my #1 job that has to be maintained daily or it can just crumble. The good days way out weigh the bad. I have learned so much about myself, good and bad. These 10 years have been an incredible journey with such an amazing, thoughtful, incredibly smart, and funny man.
We had planned to go back to Banff, Canada to where we went for our honeymoon. But as the planning started to take place, both of us started getting word about our jobs not being secure anymore so we backed off. It's a good thing we did! So instead, we went to our favorite, quiet place in the woods for 3 nights. Jason found this private lake in East TX that we visited last year for our 9 year anniversary. It has only a few cabins and this place is for couples only, completely geared for romantic weekends. No phone or internet (unless you have a techie husband like me who has hookups that can break into any secure line) but there is TV, DVD, stereo, and surround sound. The cabins are new and all have a fully stocked kitchen, grill, etc. I came with 5 movies in hand. Really, I did. I love to watch movies and rarely get to. I also came with books and puzzles. I was ready to relax and do what I love with the man I love. The lake is stocked with fish, so Jason was in heaven. He came with all of his fishing gear in hand. You would have thought he was about to be in a tournament with all that he brought. But he ended up catching 20-25 fish. Really! He threw them all back and said most were really small, but I am excited with a small one too. It's fun to catch anything!
Here is a picture of the cabin from the dock on the lake.

And here is my fisherman. He froze his tushy the entire weekend, but loved it. Weather doesn't stop that man, especially when he is golfing. Several scolded Jason when he said he fished all weekend. Let me preface by saying he fished when I watched a movie he did not like and at night. I also joined him several times.

I love this picture I took. I am surrounded by amazing photographers in my family, I am not one of them. So I prided myself with this one I took.

Jason with one of his catch. Isn't he so cute? He didn't want me to take a picture of it because he kept telling me "it isn't that big". Whatever, it's a catch!

Jason getting the hook out of this catfish. He was telling me how you have to wear Kevlar gloves because the fins and gills will cut you. It even cut through the glove! This hook was a tough one to get out. I'm a tom-boy at heart, but this even made me squirm. I think an eye was damaged. Sorry little fishy!

....and me hanging out with him on the dock while he fished. Yep, I got bored and was dying to finish my book.
This was my 2nd favorite place to be in the cabin. It was ccccccooooold that weekend!
And this was my #1 favorite place to be. Check it out, a hot tub and rocking chairs, both screened in, facing the lake. Beautiful! Yep, that's my glass of wine sitting on the table. I sat and sat and sat there rocking while reading. The hot tub was amazingly relaxing. See the theme? Relaxing!!

View from the porch. Gorgeous.

Since it was just the two of us, I was not able to get a good picture of just us. I tried and tried, but none were good. It was a great weekend, just us. Thank you Jason for choosing me to spend your life with. The past 10 years has been a fun ride and I look forward to 10 more!


Allison said...

Happy anniversary! That place does look SO relaxing...glad that you got to spend it with your hubby, kid-free.

And I do LOVE that night photo.

Marcia said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!!!! Sounds like an awesome weekend!