Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tag, I'm It!

Can I just say that I love the game Tag? I love more than anything these that first started over email where you answered a huge list of things that varied from you favorite drink to if you prefer hugs or kisses. I then did them on myspace, now I do them on Facebook (love FB WAY better!). And now in the world of blogging. Not sure why I love it so much...does it mean I like talking about myself? Gosh, I hope that really isn't it! Do I love it because it is a distraction from what I am trying to avoid doing like work, laundry, etc? Anyways, I was tagged by Rebecca and am gladly accepting.

1. What is my current obsession?
Reading other blogs and Facebook. Nuff said, right?

2. Which item of clothing do I wear most?
Right now that would be my cropped jeans. Love them. They push in my gut without giving me muffin-top, which is a huge feat in itself. Don't be surprised if you see several pictures of me in them. When I am not at work, I am probably wearing them.

3. What's for dinner?
Today is not the day to ask that question. It is soccer practice night which equals throwing together anything fast enough for the kids to eat before bed. Usually PB&J. But, Jason is taking them to practice and I have a hankering to swing by Boston Market and bring something home so that we actually have something from each major food group.

4. What am I listening to?
American Idol...I started this at work and had to finish it at home.

5. Say something about the person who tagged me...
Where do I begin? Rebecca can put Martha Stewart to shame! She is the most crafty, creative person I know. Her brain is always on the go and thinking of fun things to do with her kids, it really is inspiring. She missed her calling as a teacher or running her own field trip company. I know the second one doesn't exist (or does it?) but she should do that for a living! Love her. So glad I met her through my previous job.

6. Favorite vacation spot?
Love love love the mountains! Colorado is my favorite, by far. I can think of other great places I have had a vacation like Cape Cod, Hawaii, Cabo, NYC, Seattle, DC. But I have to say, my heart is in the mountains. My dream is to retire in the mountains with Jason.

7. What am I reading right now?
Hold Tight by Harlan Coben. I am a HUGE Coben fan and have read almost all of his books. His grab me from the first few pages. The kind of book that I can't put down, will stay up late to read, I even think of sneaking to the restroom at work to read a few pages...I have not done that, but the thought has crossed my mind! I don't because I don't want people wondering why I am in the bathroom so long. Eeeww!

8. Guilty pleasure?
Watching TV, probably reality TV, ALONE while in my pj's in my comfy bed. Wait, that's not a guilty pleasure, that is a dream! *tapping head* guilty pleasure, guilty pleasure...oh yes! Some trashy reality TV like Rock of Love (admit it, you have watched it at least once!), The Hills, Real Housewives. If I had to pick a food that is a guilty pleasure, that would be Jack in the Box tacos. I don't even want to know the fat grams in those suckers, but man! They taste o' so good!

9. First Spring thing to do?
Clean out the closets. Toss aside clothes that don't fit the kids anymore and my clothes that I don't wear. Then take them to Goodwill. Feels great to purge!

10. What do I look forward to?
Our annual trip to the Guadalupe River with several ADULT couples for Memorial weekend. It is what we do each year (just in case you didn't catch the "annual" reference) by renting a house with other couples in Gruene or New Braunfels. It is Thursday through Monday and our kids have a great time with their grandparents while Mom and Dad have their fun. It is so relaxing where we go....can't wait!

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That was fun!

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Angie S said...

I finally did it...it took me forever! Things have been crazy here! Anyway....so glad to know that someone else watches the Real Housewives! I love the OC one!! LOVEIT!!! Anyway, thanks for tagging me, have a great weekend.