Friday, April 3, 2009

Traffic Observations

Yea, this is going to be a boring blog to some that never deal with traffic. A little over 8 months ago, I was one of those! Now I realize how completely spoiled, or lucky, to have lived close to my previous job. The only set backs I would have driving to work was a light out at an intersection or I got stuck behind a school bus driving in the back way to work. That was my biggest annoyance, or taking a short cut that had me go by Southlake Carrol High School and I had to drive the school zone limit. So slow! But I didn't like going that way because I would see what cars those kids drove to school that were WAY better than mine and it just flat out ticked me off. I don't care if that Porche was their dad's hand me down, it is still a Porche! Sorry, I digress...

So in my new world of driving to Dallas with some traffic (not a lot at 6 am!), I have observed some things that people do that irks me. *Disclaimer* I am by no means perfect and I am sure I have been guilty of some of these before, so now that I know how annoying they are, I am trying to make a point to not be a hypocrite!

1. Failure to use blinker. Do people forget it is there? It is a great invention that is put in your car for a reason! I can't tell you how many times, and this can happen while not in traffic, that I put my blinker on to change lanes, and a car 2 lanes over wants the same lane I am moving into, yet they don't use their blinker. How am I to know they want to move to the same place I want if they don't tell anyone with the blinker? This can cause car accidents!

2. Don't you all just get annoyed with the person that is trying so hard to get ahead of everyone by zig zagging lanes constantly? Nothing is more thrilling than passing them after they played Leap Frog across the highway and never got ahead. Just be patient! All that effort for nothing. Jason laughs at me and wonders why that annoys me so much. I don't know why either, it just does.

3. Why oh why must you stay in the fast lane after you see car after car that is behind you move to the right to pass you? Do they not see this? Use your rear view mirror once in awhile to see that people are behind you, driving faster than you, and you are holding them up! What cracks me up is when they do move over for you, then move back to the left lane. Um, didn't you take Driver's Ed and know that technically that is the passing lane? Get in the right lane and stay there. It's ok to have people drive faster than you, just leave the fast lanes to them! And don't get me started on the fools that drive UNDER the speed limit on the highway. Dangerous!

4. People that drive in a lane that is clearly marked EXIT ONLY and they take up that lane to the very last minute and get over, usually cutting someone off. Nice move. While us that actually DO need to exit have to wait on you to find a spot to move to.

5. If you see that the exit that is 1/8 miles away and you aren't in the far right lane, don't cut people off and cause near accidents by quickly turning your car to the right so that you don't miss the exit. Really, just go to the next exit and turn around! Or, better yet, don't put on your breaks to slow down to a dangerous speed until you can get over after other cars pass. Someone not paying attention could rear-end you!

Ok, I really feel better for getting these out. Sorry if I sound like some lunatic with severe road rage. I don't, but these things can be avoided! Just remember: you are not the only car on the highway!! Thank goodness for books I have on my iPod to listen to so that I am nice and calm while driving. :) I know most of you, my loyal readers, have experienced most or all of what I just described. Or am I the only one it seems to bother??


Marcia said...

I hear ya sister!!!

Angie said...

Gary deals with the same issues everyday! I feel for you guys....I couldn't do it.

Becca @ The Texas Darlings said...

YIkes!!! I remember those days in Dallas traffic and I am so thankful to NOT be in them anymore!!

The ones I hate the most are the driversthat speed up when they see you put your blinker on just so you CAN'T get over!!

Argh! I feel for you!!

But, so happy you are enjoying your new job!